Jan 12, 2011

January's Simple {Simply Hectic} Life~Sprigs of Spring, Knitting, and...Italian?

Hello, dear readers!!! How delightful that you have come to stop by and chat! Oh, see I have set out my little tea things under the willow trees, so now we can talk!:) {Cannot chat without tea!:D}

I apologize that my pictures are not edited {by Picnic}, but I have been feeling very lazy this evening, and do not want to go through opening the pictures, then editing, then sending to myself, then saving them!:)
{My red potato plants; grow, grow!!!:D}
 Signs of spring are springing up around our home, nestled in the small hills 'outside' of town. I love where my home is settled, for we do not live terribly far from the downtown area, nor do we live near the lights of town.
 Our lily of the valley are peeping up from the bark.
 ....So are our African lilies....
Amongst the velvety, green blades of grass....
 A hint of the sea....

~My Dear Pets~
Sweet Lily, actually posed!:)

 My dear {curious}, bunny, Oakley!

 Well, for a long time now, I have wanted to make Fingerless Gloves for myself, and now I am finally sitting down to knit the cuffs of them. Isn't the yarn exquisite?
 And, as of late, I have just finished knitting my lovely {and warm} neckwarmer, that I hope to sell someday on Etsy.

I am also excited to start learning Italiano!:) {Note: I do not think that's how you spell/say it:)} Mama is really considering to cancel our trip to Europe because of the high expenses; however, I have still had the desire to learn Italian {and French} already. What language would you like to learn in your lifetime? Do you speak {fluently} another language other than English?   

A majority of my readers have voted on my sidebar, 'Yes,' to my Valentines event. It would have to be small, perhaps over an extent of two weeks time only, but nonetheless, filled with giveaways {that's always fun}, crafts, tutorials, and a lot of old-fashion charm.
Also, I am really considering, starting to feature young Etsy shops {advertising} from some talented, young-lady crafters either on this blog or my photography blog.    

Buono Notte{Good night}, my dear readers!

With Lots of Love,


  1. Lovely pictures! I speak Arabic . . . maybe not fluently, but enough to get around when we lived overseas. ;)

  2. I started taking French this year, and I like it so far. Hopefully by the end of the year, I'll be able to conversations in French. :)

  3. What a lovely neckwarmer!! It looks great. Wishing you success on your next project :)!


  4. Lovely pictures, Grace! I love your neck warmer! You did an wonderful job!!!
    I will be learning Spanish next year...:)

    I love your ideas for Valentines day!!!
    Have a wonderful day!

    P.S. I received your letter the other day and I sent one back to you yesterday! :D
    Thank you,dear,sweet friend!!!!

  5. Grace,

    Your pictures were just lovely (even without the editing), and as usual, the tea you have served in your garden was quite good. Where do you find such delightful flavors? :)

    I hope that you have fun learning Italian. I have always wanted to learn French, but I have not had the time to do so. I took a few years of Spanish when I was in college, but that's been awhile ago, and I don't remember much of it, sigh!

    Well, take care Dear Maiden. I surely do enjoy my visits here.


    -Lady Rose