Jan 31, 2011

Ask Me!

Hello, dear readers! I am SO excited about February's Giveaways, celebrating my Blogoversary!!! 
{Ahhhhhhh, SO excited!} And special thanks to my dear sponsors!

All right, since it is a new month, new blogging year, and new blog posts, I would like to hear your thoughts! 
What would you like to see on this blog?  
How can I improve my blog? 
Do you like what you see here? 
How often do you visit my garden?
And on this post ask any question {random or practical} that you would like to ask me. For example, what's your favorite colors, what is your favorite blog, what is your favorite meal? Anything! I would love to answer your questions! 

Can't wait to hear from you! Oh, and thank you SO much to my 140 followers!!! I cannot believe I have come up to the mark!:) Thank you SO much! My new goal now is 200 followers, which I hope to receive by the end of February's giveaways.

Lots of Love {to the one hundred and forty of you!:)}, 


  1. Great idea, Grace! =)
    I just love your blog and I visit about every-other day! I would love to see maybe some more spiritual posts and maybe craft posts too!
    What is your favorite blog?

    Thanks for being a great blogger!!!
    Love you!

  2. I would not change one thing about your blog dear friend! :-D It is practically perfect in every way! *smile*

    I would like to ask you thought.... I am always on the hunt for good articals.... could you recemend your favorite blog/websight that inspires you to live more for the Lord???

  3. I love your blog I think it is very pretty and inspirational. What is favorite Christian book? Other than the Bible.

  4. Congrats! I really love your blog because it's old-fashioned and "cozy"!

    I have 1 question..can't wait to hear the answers!
    What instrument(s) do you play/want to play?

    ~have a nice day!~:D

  5. Hi there Grace,

    I would like to see the interviews up again! (The kind you did before)