Dec 6, 2011

a winter's eve musing.

// kettle on the stove whistles softly // 
// *chink* porcelain tea cup and saucer click //
// chocolate aroma; creamy white foam bubbles over // 

// hearth bursts with warmth; cheery flames dance //
// golden bokeh adorning the tree //
// downy couch // 


// rooftops glistening with frost in the morning sun //
// frosted windows //
// knitted wraps and wooly socks // 
// warmth from the oven //
// scintillating lights // 
// dreams of days brimming with snow // 
// warm uggs // 
// letters enfolding warmth and love from a faraway place //
// afternoons filled with daydreams and wanderlust // 
// brown paper parcels adorning the doorstep //  
// this post and this post //  
// the words joyeux noel and nostalgia // 
// christmas photography // 

warmth. music. words. joy. love. peace.



  1. Great Post. I like the snowflakes on your page! :)

  2. Dearest, you really did just make my day! I had no idea that you loved my posts so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    And, not to mention your posts -- they're stunning, beautiful, whimsical and of course, SO lovely. I truly mean it!


  3. loved this!!!


  4. My dear, you simply captured the delights of winter in this post! I love it.

  5. Your description is wonderful. I completely ♥ it. It makes life seem so beautiful, even amidst the winter storms.