Dec 30, 2011

to inspire :: an eclectic collection of pinterest finds.

hullo, lovelies!

I haven't been really inspired lately posting wise. it seems like every time I sit down I write a paragraph that seems very sober and not light-hearted, and I don't want to go depressing you even more now that we are moving into a not-so-exciting month of january {sorry to those who have January birthdays ;)}. here are some lovely {and colorful} pinterest finds that I thought might inspire you...  

[all photographs via pinterest]

praying you have a blessed day! {a true post will be up soon. ;)} 

love always,
the keeper of the garden. 

postscript :: I hope all of you had a very blessed and joyous christmas! do leave a comment and tell me about it...I would love to hear from you!


  1. Lovely post....gotta love Pinterest ;)

  2. Hi Grace,

    These pictures are so lovely!

    Yes, I had a wonderful Christmas...
    We were able to move back just in time! :)
    Did you have a nice Christmas?

    Much <3 in Christ,

  3. You have the most amazing collection of craft pins! :)
    Have a blessed New Year!


  4. pinterest is great! Love the photos. So cute :)

  5. Those are some lovely, inspiring photos!
    I had a great Christmas travelling and visiting with family. :)

  6. so happy to have found your blog : )

    i had a sweet, simple, magical christmas with my three boys and hubby. hope your holidays were blessed and wonderful! happy new year!!!