Dec 22, 2011

avec l'amour de la france

^^^ with love from france ^^^

across a crystal sea, there lives a family of to which I hold a special place in my heart. 
there are those special times of to which I open my beloved green mail box, whilst the sun still faintly glints over the western hill, to discover a parcel wrapped in brown paper addressed all the way from this far off country. to my overwhelming delight, I received a lovely brown-paper package just in time for christmas in the mail all the way from a little simply lovely place called france...



oh, what could it be? 


J'adore!!! 'tis a lovely magazine printed in french! *swoon* this lovely magazine is brimming with inspiration, and better yet, inspiration just for christmas! 




happy sigh. forever shall I cherish this magazine for not only is quite a loverly gift, but because such a sweet family sent it all the way with love from france.

special, heart-felt thanks to the Roux family for sending such a sweet gift for Christmas. 

>> Joyeux Noël << 

avec amour {with love}, 
the keeper of the garden.  

>> side note :: extending the warmest of welcomes to my new followers!!! so happy to see new faces around here. *wink*  


  1. thank you for the sweet note miss Grace, I do so enjoy keeping up with your posts, I have really enjoyed your blog a lot.
    Rachel Hope

  2. oh, how lovely! Grace, I just found your blog via your lovely comment on mine and I'm swooning over the design. it's so wintery and perfect!

  3. How sweet! I love packages as well!!!
    My dear mother took french in collage...or was it high school? However she said she doesn't remember much of the words...:D
    Have a blessed CHRISTmas!

  4. How sweet of your friends to send you the magazine! :)
    I LOVE your photos by the way! What lens did you use for them?

  5. Thank you, ladies!!! I really appreciate your comments...

    @ Eve, I shoot pretty much all my photographs with my 18-55mm lens. :) I have a telephotolens which I rarely use outdoors. Someday hoping to purchase a macrolens. ;)

    the keeper of the garden

  6. That magazine looks simply lovely! I wish that I could go to France...
    Oh, and I love the bokeh in these photos!!!

  7. I´m so happy to see the magazine arrived well and that it pleases you and it is so nice to see it on your beautiful pictures !! We send you lots of warm Christmas wishes from a rainy Holland where we stay for the Holidays !! the Roux family

  8. Lovely post Grace! The francaise was a nice touch:D