Dec 10, 2011

merry and bright.

// a chill hangs in the air. // 
// small clouds form as my breath rises into the icy night. //
 *click of the door's lock*
 // we welcome the embrace as we rush inside. //


warmth surrounds me. as I type, I sit by a cheery fire dancing contently in its snow, white brick hearth. I sit by a tree, wrapped in light. bokeh dazzling from its boughs. 


the weather outside is frightful, but inside the air is delightful. the last of winter's chill from our evening outing has slipped away as though it had never been. my striped knee-high socks still gracing my feet, are the only remains of my winter clothing.  


an evening spent by a cozy fire. the soft click of my laptop's keys. peace. sigh. I am content. 

life is beautiful. especially during christmas. 

>> there seems a magic in the very name of christmas. ~Charles Dickens

^^don't you agree?^^


  1. I love that Charles Dickens quote!! And your photos are lovely as always. :) I love all the bokeh!