Dec 7, 2011

2011 christmas list.

well, I browsed over Kiley's list and thought it would be fun and sit down to compile a "dream" Christmas list. :) first off, though, I know Christmas should be wholly focused on celebrating Christ's birth but just like Kiley, I admit I do love presents as well {although, I really don't get excited of opening them until like a few days before christmas morning}. 

washi tape. tape? really? yeah, but it's not just ordinary tape. it's Japanese washi tape. this would be the ultimate stocking stuffer. :)

personalized vintage stationery. love this!

whimsical stationery. i've been admiring this for awhile. :) 

poloroid. it can be old or new. large or especially mini. i love them to death. 

good quality yarn. focusing on my knitting skills this year so yarn, knitting needles, etc. would prove most useful. :) 
jane austen christmas journal. <-----<< titles says it all. *swoon*

jane austen knitting magazine. <----<< again, this says it all. *faint*

knitting needle organizer. someday I'll make one of these even if I don't receive on for Christmas. :) 

crochet hook organizer. love!

the problem is, I am interested in so many things that I WANT so many things. :P overall, anything crafty//vintage//handmade is awesome. :)

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what do you want for christmas this year?


  1. everything is sooo cute. love the tape at the top, i have some like that.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. This Christmas list could almost be a mirror of a list that I would write! Great list! (I really want the Jane Austen Knits Magazine too!)

  3. I love all of that stuff! I think the tape is really cute too! Merry Christmas!

  4. I would love to get that Jane Austen knitting magazine!!! It would be sooo much fun!

  5. Hi Grace! I am so excited because my Grandma is actually getting me a Jane Austen Christmas journal for Christmas this year! I am so excited!! =)
    Merry Christmas!