Dec 21, 2011

of hot chocolate and wintry thoughts.

the kettle whistles. chink.  cup and saucer click.      

steam rises along with a dark woodsy aroma. sip.    rich. creamy. silky. a wonderfully tingly feeling slips over your whole body. slowly taking the place of the chill.        

knitted blanket + hot chocolate =  a simply lovely way to watch the world from your window. the realm of winter and ice keeps one inside, to think, to ponder about life. and sometimes wonder what lies beyond the familiar meandering routines of life.   

my eyes lazily wander the landscape, from the three green knolls which cozily tuck my little glen I call home. home is where the heart is...always, yet sometimes I sit and dream about countries miles from my little dot on the globe where I am. thoughts of...
italy. france. england. 
london. paris. rome. 
japan. new zealand. wales. scotland. ireland. 

wanderlust. my heart stirs restlessly just like the chocolate swirling within my cup, as I ponder and look outside my window. 

what do you dream about when the weather is bleak and cheerless? 

love always,
the keeper of the garden. 

side note :: happy hanukkah! 
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{this song is stuck in my head!!!} 


  1. My sister and I just *love* "Candlelight"!! I love all your Christmas-y posts!! =)
    Hannah L.

  2. so beautifully written. I love the photos you use!

  3. I absolutely love your blog. To taste, enjoy & see with the touch of your words... oh my!
    Thank you for stumbling into my blog. I'm glad I stumbled into yours

  4. Your writing is so lovely. Makes me want a cup of hot cocoa now. ;)

  5. I feel like I live in a constant sate of day dreaming, I love it of corse, I find my mind wanders to all sorts of things, most of the time, well lately it has been stories. do you dream up stories ? or am I the only one, probably not I couldn't be. I love your pictures they go really well with your post. I too dream of travel, to pretty much every where.
    have a happy christmas
    Rachel Hope

  6. oh and I love your christmas blog header, and I really loved your autumn one too.