Jun 29, 2011


I was blessed to be given the opportunity to pick out a purity ring this past month as a graduation {promoting from my freshman year to my sophomore year} present by my dearest parents. 

I browsed through a few purity rings, but when I saw this one... 
I knew it was created for me. 

And now I am very blessed to have this lovely silver band wrapped around my wedding ring finger.

I was finally able to look up the Scripture inscribed on it which is such a beautiful reminder:

Create in me a clean spirit, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

During this time, I have been working with some public school kids at the water-park, and what an eye-opening experience it has been. And now more than ever, am I grateful to be homeschooled. :) Besides the point, the subject that has been tugging at my thoughts is the topic of:
Believe me that is probably what fills every person's mind at one point or another.  

All the girls that I work with {a year younger than I} have {and still are} gossiping about who likes who, and about three "so and so's" likes me. My response?

Why does it matter???

To me, dating is a silly game that people play to gain self-confidence. Dating is two people getting together, say you're in love, get tired of them, and break up. Each time I cringe thinking of how many pieces of your heart you give away to the boy you once "dated."

That's why I applaud those who have no choice and do attend public school, attempting to separate themselves and go against the tide whispering for them to do otherwise, with a mindset to keeping themselves pure. Waiting for their Prince Charming; not falling out of the tree for every knight they see pass.

 During these two past week, I've had an eye-opening, insight into what the world is really like. I have been protected by being homeschooled, and I am very glad of it. But I think I have being tested in this area, and putting my years of training to the test.

At camp {water-park} there is a thirteen-year-old boy who has been "chasing" after me.
To-day, more than usual.
What do I do?
Sweetly be nice to him, but don't encourage his flirtation and eloquent words. Reminds me of a chapter I read in Sarah Malley's amazing book Before You Meet Prince Charming:

Feeling confused and a little distressed, my little sister Grace cornered my brother Stephen, saying, "Pleeeease help! This guy keeps following me around and talking to me. It's getting really annoying, and I don't know what to do!" This friendly young man at the conference we were attending kept hanging around our family and talking to Grace, who was fourteen years old at the time. At first Grace just tried to be friendly, but after a few hours of being followed, she was getting rather frustrated. Grace tried everything. She ignored him, but he didn't seem to get the point. Then she sat down and started to read, but he just came right up to her and started a conversation. Grace asked Stephen {this is when I wish I had an older brother :)} to try to distract him, but the young man didn't seem too interested in talking with Stephen. She tried walking around. But whenever she stopped - guess who was right behind her? He was polite, friendly guy who just wanted to be friends, but it was driving Grace nuts. 

{from Chapter 3, page 51 of Before You Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Malley}

Another reason why I love Miss Malley: she has gone through the same situations. Unfortunately, in this scenario this boy hasn't been extremely friendly or even with the best intentions.

Then I realize how many young ladies and sisters in Christ are struggling through the same thing. We all have our moments, "Oh, I wished he liked me, or even saw me," then we shake out of are daydream ashamed at  such silly thoughts; sometimes we are entranced by a boy's flirtatious eloquence or kind, sweet smiles, but remember, we all need to keep your focus on Christ. He's the one who has our hearts in His palm, and how grateful I am that I can say,

"I don't need the love of a boyfriend to know that my Heavenly Father loves me more than anyone could in the whole wide world."

Galations 5:16 
This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fufill the lust of the flesh.

Now maidens of purity, arise and let us shine our light through this dark world, touching the hearts of aching and lost souls.



  1. You Purity Ring is simply lovely my dear! I am so glad you have got one now!

  2. Grace~

    What a lovely post! And I love the verse on your new ring. I have been look for one too but just haven't found "the one" yet.

    I also love your new blog design! It's so crisp and fresh, something I aim for on my blog too. Cluttered blogs are no fun!

    In Him,

  3. What a good post, Grace! My brother and I were talking the other night about what sort of people we were looking for in marriage (yep, my brother and I) and courting. He wants to get married by the age of 18 and build his own house. I'd like to go overseas as a missionary, and if God brings someone my way -- then I'll figure out what to do from there.

  4. I jsut hsd to write and say i think we can become good friends as we seem to like the same good oldfashioned things. Come on over and follow my blog. How many siblings do you have? Answer on my blog.

  5. Dear Grace,
    What a refreshing, encouraging, uplifting post this has been to my soul! The joy of knowing I am not the only one endeavoring to remain pure before marriage defiantly helps uplift me and keep me going in this journey! Thank you so much for sharing your heart on this subject! I too, have decided to wait for the Lord to bring me a husband and not to go looking for him and taking matters into my own hands. Thank you again for this wonderful post dear friend!
    <3 Bethany

  6. What a lovely ring! I love being home schooled too.

  7. OOOh I LOVE the ring! I have decided to do the same


  8. Dearest Grace,
    That is a beautiful purity ring!
    I am too, very thankful be be home schooled! =) We are definitely put to the test when a situation arises similar to your own. I am so glad to know that other young ladies are concerned about purity and all the talking about "who likes so and so". Even if someone does like you, it doesn't really matter at this point. Also, sometimes, when someone find out that someone else likes them, then it hinders them spiritually(They think about them all the time).
    We aren't even old enough to begin any type of Courtship relationship! ;)
    And Galatians 5:16 is an excellent verse concerning this topic. I memorized it a few months ago and I find it very helpful!
    Praying for you as you are a light in this dark world!
    Love from your Sister In Christ,

    P.S. Thank you for posting a lovely, encouraging post!! Love you!!

  9. Dear Grace,

    What a beautiful purity ring you have chosen! It is very honorable of you to choose purity for yourself. I have made the same descision and I also wear a purity ring to symbolize how I'm saving myself for my future husband.

    On the subject of dating, I don't necesesarily think that dating is wrong, but I do think that high schoolers shouldn't focus on it. Once someone is in college or is a young adult then I think dating is alright as long as God makes it clear that it's a part of His plan. But being a high school student myself, I know that I have too many things to focus on (School, work, chores, family, friends, God) that I don't have room for dating! And I don't want to give my heart away too early in life. Just my thoughts.


    ~Miss ALK

    PS I'm having a give-away at my blog right now!

  10. @ Miss ALK

    I didn't necessarily say that dating is a sin or that it is even wrong, but I think that dating, if not handled properly, can lead to things that are dangerous outside the context of marriage. Besides, worldly dating is just a silly game, but I suppose what you call "dating" in a Christian family is safe as long as the parents are fully involved. I know a friend's brother who has "dated" and is now happily married with the girl he dated. But dating can also leave broken hearts and emotional attachments that could have been easily avoided.

    I do agree that so many highschoolers shouldn't be so focused on catching a boyfriend or dating at this time.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Miss ALK.
    Many Blessings,

  11. I loved your post, Grace! Seeing as we've talked about this a bit, I just wanted you to know, I completely understand what you were trying to say here. :)

  12. You're welcome, Grace! :) That is one of the things that I love about blogging, is how readers can all share their thoughts within a safe environment. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts!!

    Have a great weekend,


    ~Miss ALK

  13. Dear Grace,
    I'm with you on a lot of this. I completely agree with your ideas on dating and, as a side note, that ring is really pretty :)

    I have a little problem with this statement:
    "I applaud those who have no choice and do attend public school."
    You see, I attend public school by choice. I meet a lot of wonderful people here in the blogger world who are homeschooled, and there's this overwhelming sentiment that homeschooling is the best, or the only way. I have to say that just because everybody at my school doesn't think the same way I do, doesn't mean it's a bad place, and it certainly doesn't mean that I'm unhappy there. My parents asked me when I was little if I would ever want to be homeschooled. The answer was then, and is still, one big NO. I'm sure homeschooling is right for some people, but I'm convinced it's not for everyone, and I'm just a little tired of the sentiment that public school is evil.

    Sorry. That was my little rant of the day. I've just stumbled upon your blog, and I love it! I'm thinking about starting a blog soon, and yours is quite inspiring.

    Your sister in Christ,
    ~Rachel Marie

  14. Dear Miss Rachel Marie ::

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I'm very glad you did as this is what I would like my garden to be...a safe place to share opinions with consideration and class and not in spite and vulgar language to get a point across. :P

    To clarify my words, I meant girls who would like to be homeschooled but their life does not permit them {ie both their parents work, they might become unmotivated or distracted easily, etc.}.

    Actually, on both sides you have to look at it. Good Christian young ladies may have a calling to public school, or they likewise might have a calling to homeschool. It really depends on their calling from God.

    In general, I want to address the topic of public school is evil. It isn't in itself, but so many things go on in public school {drugs, inappropriate conduct, false teachings} and unfortunately, in this world so many of us can get so distracted that we may be easily encouraged to lead a different path of life that would not be so in a home schooling environment. I was just applauding the girls who are taking a stand in public school.

    I hope I made sense. For me, I am extremely thankful I am homeschooled by my parents and think now if I had attended public school {or even a private school} I would be a much different person than I am now.

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, Miss Rachel.

    the keeper of the garden.

  15. postscript :: if you have any other questions or things you would like me to clarify, you may e-mail me at gracethelavendergirl{at}gmail{dot}com.