Jun 24, 2011

let's chat etsy :: interview with blue sun emporium

Dearest Readers~

I forgot to mention that my giveaway ends the 23rd of June! :P I do apologize for that. 

And the winner of the lovely Blue, Eagle Ring from Creative Kates is...

Comment #5
April Cheung said...

my fav item is the light blue rose ring
yayapril at gmail dot com

Congratulations, April! I hope that you enjoy your lovely ring. Please leave your e-mailing address {will not be published} on this post by Sunday afternoon, and I will have the sponsor contact you concerning your shipping information. If you do not hear from the sponsor within this upcoming week, please let me know so I can make everything right. ;)


To-day, I have a simply lovely sponsor who sells the prettiest, little old-fashion delights. I am so excited to introduce this beautiful shop to you...
{click to enter shop}

The lovely owner Leandra and I had a lovely chat:

Me: Hello, Leandra! I am so delighted to have you here in my garden to-day! Do you think you could please tell a little bit about yourself? 

Leandra: Thank you for having me. Sure, I studied design in Europe and America and have always been an avid collector of antiques. I am married to a very talented artist and I depend on my husband's honest evaluations of my work. I am a mother and home-school teacher to our two beautiful girls. 

Me: Indeed, I too have always had a love for old-fashion antiques. See for your self in my hopechest! :) So what inspired you to start an Etsy shop and how long has it been in full operation?

Leandra: After I had my second child, life was so hectic. My husband encouraged me to find something creative I could do to take time for myself. I had dabbled in jewelry design years before in college and photography has been a passion for awhile. It just seemed natural to combine the two and open a shop. My shop has been open for about two and a half years.

Me: What is your inspiration for your products?

Leandra: I have a long standing love-affair with Victorian and vintage styles. I add modern touches, but I want my pieces to keep that classic feminine feel.

Me: What is perhaps to you the most enjoyable part of being an Etsy owner and crafter?

Leandra: Life is so busy, it is wonderful to take a few moments and sit at desk to sketch a design or assemble a piece. Being on Etsy has brought so many wonderful people and experiences my way. I recently designed a custom necklace for a little girl's birthday that was about a magical dream she'd had.
 How awesome to be a part of that!

Me: How neat! I am quite sure it was a dream come true!:) What are some of your best selling item(s) in your shop?

Leandra: My vintage cameos are always in demand. I have high standards and with their wonderful quality and detail, vintage items never let me down.

Me: Ooh! I love your cameos SO much! :) Tell us, what are a few of your favorite Etsy sellers/shops?

Leandra: Not only do I have tremendous admiration for all these artists, but I have spoken with all of them and they are simply lovely people as well.

Me: How lovely! I especially love the last two...so whimsical and French!:) Thank you for sharing. Being an experienced Etsy owner, could you share a few tips with the beginner Etsy owners among us?

Leandra: The number one thing to remember on Etsy is Stay The Course. Don't be discouraged if you don't see huge sales. It takes time for people to find your shop and for word to get around about your style and quality of service. The second things is to make sure you're at your best. Give you customers and outstanding experience and they will be loyal to you. Always improve where you can and don't be afraid to ditch something that isn't working.

Thank you so much, Leandra for the advice, and for allowing me to interview you. I hope your lovely business flourishes this year. 

{a peek into the shop}

When I first stumbled upon Leandra's delightful shop, I gasped, for I had found a place where she sold one of my dearest loves...old-fashion, Victorian delights.
Leandra sells an absolutely lovely collection of beautiful, vintagy, classy jewelry that will suit any antique taste which include... 

Gorgeous necklaces!

And beautiful lockets...

Cute vintage earrings...

Darling tresse accessories...

Old-fashion brooches..

{I LOVE this!}

And of course, beautiful, lovely rings...

{Me wants...A LOT!}

{the giveaway}

Leandra has generously offered this sweet, delicate ring as a giveaway prize. Is it not sweet?

Reminds me so much of the secret garden. 

Special SPECIAL  thanks to Leandra for contributing such a lovely prize. 

{how to enter}

Required: You must complete the mandatory entry, else all extra entries will fail to count. 

Required: You must leave separate comments per entry you complete. 

~mandatory entry~
{counting as one entry}

Visit Leandra's delightful shop,coming back here to let me know what catches your eye the most. I do believe that 'twill be difficult to choose just one item that you like the most.

~extra entries~
After completing the mandatory entry, you may gain extra entries by...

Heart Blue Sun Emporium. 

Add Leandra to your Etsy circle. 

Follow this blog {only if you like what you see posted here}. 
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Follow my crafting blog, and/or leave a note on a favorite post. 

Mention this giveaway in a blog post.

Purchase something from Blue Sun Emporium, letting me know what you purchased, of course!:) 
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For those who do not keep a blog...

Let me know what you love in Leandra's lovely shop.
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E-mail at least three friends that you think would be interested in this giveaway. 
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Please remember to leave your e-mailing address in one of your comments {or in a separate comment lest you do not want me to publish it}.

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When following this blog, you must be a public follower {via Google Friends Connect} to gain the extra entries.

Giveaway ends Friday, July 1st at 12:00 Noon Pacific Timing. Late entries will not be accepted. 

Hopefully, the winner will be announced that day {knowing me...I wouldn't count on it :P}. 

Giveaway open to US young ladies only. 
{My next upcoming giveaway is for international readers, though!}

Winner of this giveaway will have 48 hr. to contact me within the time of their announcement. 

Miss April {winner of the last giveaway} will not be allowed to enter this giveaway one or the next.


I know all of you would like this lovely ring! So you may begin entering...NOW!



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