Jun 24, 2011

after the weeding...

I have created this new look for my garden! Now, I know ya'll have had a sneak peek, but now here are the "final" results!:) I hope you like it!:) 

Love always,
~The Keeper of the Garden~


  1. Grace,

    I LOVE your new look! *smiles*

    Much <3 in Christ,

  2. Oh, it's lovely Grace! Great job!
    I haven't recieved your letter as of yet, but hopefully I will soon! :D
    Blessings dear Sister in the Lord!
    <3 Bethany

  3. It's a lot simpler than I expected, but I kinda like it... it doesn't seem so "complicated"! :) And it's still very cute.

    One thing... it can be hard to read what you've written, on certain computers, because of the color font you use. The pink is a bit light. :)