Jun 1, 2011

La Fine! Have a Blessed Summer

I have heard it said that, 
"All good things must come to an end." 

I suppose the saying is true with everything {with the exception of God, of course}. And so, sadly, after all my planning and frantic posting :), my May Garden Party must come to an end. 

Thank you ever so much for joining me in my garden for this garden party. I have very much enjoyed your pleasant company as we have smelled the roses and wildflowers,

 gave away some beautiful prizes, 

sought for treasures in the surrounding wood and meadows - and I hope, as we bid May farewell and summer holidays begin, that the Lord will bless you and direct you on your path heavenward.  

Summer is here! {To-morrow is my last day in my studies!!!!} 
There is so much to occupy one's time including: 
swimming {going to be a swim instructor assistant and volunteering at a local water-park}, crafting, lettering friends, organizing, starting an Etsy shop, reading, writing my novel, planning my niece's birthday party, travelling, sitting under the stars, going to the seaside, gardening, photographing, baking, garage sale and antique hunting, scrapbooking, expanding my hopechest, and more! - why waste this precious freedom, spending it on the computer?

Indeed, I have come to the conclusion of taking a blogging break {just for a few weeks}. I will only post a few things throughout the summer {to keep you updated}, but for the most part I hope to stay away from the internet. 'Tis taking too much of my time! 

I will log onto Blogger only on Fridays to answer comments and enter giveaways and will still will be e-mailing and Skyping, but as for posting...that's going to be put on the "back burner" for now. I will, however, keep my photography blog updated with summery photos for you!   

I hope, whilst I am "away" that you all have a very blessed summer. 
Love in Christ,

Postscript ~ Oh, and I will be drawing another winner of the cake earrings {for the winner cannot wear them} and the King's Blooming Rose magazine subscription, and the Paris sachet, if the winners do not contact me by to-night!
P.S.S. I will also be posting a BIG "final" post this evening. :) 


  1. I will miss you! Breaks are good though. Especially after working so hard on that party of yours. ;)

  2. Have fun during summer, dear friend! =)

  3. Hi Grace,

    I am sorry to see you go. I enjoyed visiting your garden 'twas a wonderful visit:)\

    Have a wonderful Summer!

    P.S. Glad to hear you're about done with your studies!! I was really excited when I finished mine:)

  4. Well I shall miss you...but I already do! ;) You must be very busy!!