Jun 24, 2011

finding joy friday :: summer ramblings

Last Tuesday was the official start of summertime season. 

Last Tuesday, for the first time, it finally felt like...


That whimsical, free, oh-so-sweet, tingling feeling overcame me as I kept telling myself summer was here. 

At last. 

Oh, indeed, I have been out for nearly a month much earlier than most schools, but for some merely odd reason, it truly felt like summer had officially settled in.

{one} there is something about this imperfect picture that brings joy to my heart and reminds me of summer.

I suppose it is because

bokeh + lighting = sheer bliss

{two} blackberries...
Yesterday, my dearest friends and I picked blackberries from a neighboring yard.

there is nothing like freshly, hand-picked-by-yourself blackberries.

I cannot describe what yumminess dances on your tongue when you pop one of these blackberries in your mouth. Smaller than the store-bought blackberries {which look too enticing} these mini berries hold so much sweetness and tang. 

pure yumminess. and genius. 
{that's what I call everything that I like these days: genius. Yup, ask anybody I know. *smile*}

Our friends kindly {and generously} shared a bowl full of berries that we are whole-heartedly devouring. While our friends were very generous allowing us to have a bowl, my mom and I haven't been so...giving when it comes to eating them. :P

{three} busyness...

Well, to-day I worked both jobs: my Ravine water-park camp jr. councilor job and my WSI Aid job and I must admit this week has been fun but exhausting. These two jobs {especially my water-park job} has been keeping me so busy that when I come home, I am overwhelmed {with a tinge of guilt} at all the letters, e-mails, messages, etc. etc. that I have yet to tend to. 

And so I apologize to:

Miss Camille
Miss Bekah
Miss Johanna
Miss Miriam 
Miss Jenna
Miss Bethany

For not writing to you all! Hopefully, by next week {upcoming weeks} I will be able to manage my lettering better. 

{four} in the midst of busyness...

I still find the simple joys of life. To-day when I was at the waterpark enjoying my free shaved ice {tiger's blood and bubblegum of course!} I glimpsed up into the large oak that spread above us for some merely odd reason. A sweet, summer breeze murmured by us, and whilst I was enjoying my shaved ice, it seemed but for a moment, the world had stopped moving; that summer had lasted such a very long time.
it was a perfect moment. 
 {I had, as you would say, one of those whimsical, fanciful moments ready to be swept away to Narnia. :)}

What are you enjoying about summer?
Love always,


  1. This was the best post I've read in awhile. ;) I know what you mean about being busy. I was riding my bike the other day, looking out at the hills and farmland. That's when I really felt summer was here. I love the freeness summer brings.

  2. Ah...it looks like you have had a very fun, busy summer so far!! And don't feel bad about now writing me back! I now that summer is very hectic!!! I have been doing lots and lots of reading and swimming. I am hoping to go and pick blueberries with my family today and maybe sew a bit too. =)

  3. Don't worry... just write when you can, my friend! :D Love you!