Jun 5, 2011

It's a Blog Party!

1. What are two songs that describe you? 

Well, my theme song has always been something with the word, "Grace" in the lyrics, especially that of "Amazing Grace." *blush* There is this one man at church who is an old bachelor, and everyone calls him, "Uncle Denis," {or "Uncle Dentist, because my best friend, the pastor's daughter, could not pronounce it :D} and he always sits next to us during church service, singing "Grace, Grace, God's Grace," or "Amazing Grace how sweet the sound." :P 
{I'm most definitely attempting not to brag...it's just been a song that has "stuck" with me...I didn't choose it!:D}

2. What do you most fear? 

Hmm...I detest snakes {because they're cursed animals you know!} as does my mom. I can stand them {more than my mom anyhow:)}, but they definitely don't have a "place in my heart."

I am also not a horribly BIG fan of a city. Los Angeles, since I have basically "grown up" going there so often, I can handle, but Sacramento is definitely a place I don't want to be! 

I also have a safe fear of heights, and Voodoo gives me the jeebies as does all the black magic sort of stuff. :P I think Lucia answered this question profoundly,
 "Bad things in general." :D 

3. What color(s) dominate(s) your wardrobe? 

Lots of colors! Nothing really is alike. :) I do, however, have a lot of whites and cream colors. 

4. How do you normally do you hair?

Normally, it is in a loose braid, ponytail, or fishtail braid. Now that I'm growing out my bangs, I'm wearing this one headband ALL the time!:D  

5Do you prefer milkshakes or smoothies?  

Smoothies hands down! Milkshakes disturb my stomach...for some merely odd reason. Not only are they the most scrumptious drink and refreshing for the summer, but also very healthy {depending what you put it in, of course :)}.
  I make smoothies all the time, but my fav. is the "Orange Dream Machine" at Jamba Juice.  

6. Do you like the color pink? 

Indeed, I do have a partiality to the colour pink, but 'tis not my absolute favourite colour. :) I especially do not very much care for hot, flamingo pinks, though. :P 

7. What is your favorite flower? 
I love a great deal of flowers...God did a wonderful job creating such a wide variety, 'tis hard to choose a favourite. I REALLY love Bleeding Hearts...

And lavender...

8. How many states have you been to? 
Hmm...let me think. Well, I live in CA, and I've been to {or at least set foot in:)}: Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Washington {state}, & Oregon. I haven't traveled much in the US. :D We would have been in FOUR states at once if it hadn't been for the expensive stipend you had to pay to see a "national monument"! 

9. What is your favorite thing about June? 
It's the beginning of summer!!! {Well, at least for most people...it's been raining here. Blah!} Besides, the sweet freedom of being away from the homework and school assignments and stuff in general, although the busyness of summer begins. :)

10. Describe your "dream wedding location."

Well, I want my wedding to be very whimsical. When I was little, I imagined my wedding in the little chapel in Yosemite National Park {such a darling thing that is!:)}, but now I might like it in an "enchanted" castle in Ireland or England on a hill, oh, on the castle grounds there would be an ancient little garden filled with flowers such as foxgloves, lavender, sage, and roses, and a little creaking gate separating it from the outside. *sigh* Yup! That's where I'm to be married. Oh, and you're invited, dear Miss Lucia!:D

Thanks for hosting Lucia!


  1. Thanks for participating! I loved reading your answers! :)

    Hope you win a prize! :) You have a lovely blog!