Jun 25, 2011

I'm Inspired by...Tangled

"This is the story of how I died..." ~Flynn Rider

Yes, I have seen it, a few times actually and you know what?

I love it even more so every time I watch it over again. 

For those who haven't yet had the opportunity of watching this beautiful fairytale, I highly encourage you to do so. 

Might I just say...
I love it...a lot.

Everything, from Rapunzel's beautiful golden 70 ft. tresses of hair, to Flynn's smolder, Pascal's protectiveness, Mother Gothel's "Mother Knows Best," and of course, the frying pan. 

It's enchanting, engaging, whilst cute and funny, and oh-so-whimsical. The animation is stunning, and the story is a clever twist to Grimm's original {might I say gory} fairytale. :P 

"Listen, blondie -"
{pardon my spelling ;)}

 I loved Rapunzel's free spirited, over-enthusiastic character. She's pretty and curious as any eighteen-year-old girl would if she had been stuck in a tower for basically all her life. She's a little naive and childish, but she is also a fighter when it truly counts and self-sacrificing for the ones she loves the most, as well as faithful and devoted.  

"I love you very much." 
"I love you more." 
"I love you most." 

Pastel, Rapunzel's pet "frog," :P is just amazing. He's funny and loving and so adorably cute! 

"He's smiling at me. Why is the frog smiling at me?" 

"You've got to know that this is the craziest thing I've ever done."~Flynn Rider

"Something brought you here. Call it what you will, fate, destiny -" 
"A horse." 

Yes, no one can forget the remarkable Maximus the horse. He's a majestic white horse that has more of a character like a sweet, loving dog.

Then who could forget the fierce-some band of rough-riding ruffians? 

"I had a dream once." 

{Click HERE to see whole song}

And of course, no one could possibly forget, the daring, adventurous, most-wanted thief of the kingdom...

Flynn Rider

He's clever and witty, sometimes a bit of a show off, but learns to love in the end. 

"No, no, no! This is bad, this is very very bad...
They just can't get my nose right!" 

"This is an off day for me, this usually doesn't happen to me." 

Favorite highlights of the movie...

Just smell the grass! The dirt! Just like I dreamed they'd be. 
Just fell that summer breeze - the way it's calling me
For like the first time ever, I'm completely free! 
I could go running
 And racing 
And dancing
And chasing
And leaping
And bounding
Hair flying
Heart pounding
And splashing 
And reeling
And finally feeling...
Now's when my life BEGINS!!!

Click HERE to watch my favorite song. 

These scenes {above and below} are SO magical!

The "I See the Light" scene, was simply lovely!

hehe...*cough, cough*

This scene makes me laugh...every time. 

Maximus...yeah, what can I say? I LOVE him!:) 

This is a cute video I also found...yes, it's a bit cheesy, but I love Flynn's expression and remarks...as usual. :) 

"That settles it. I want one at the castle." *smile* Oh, yeah, my friend just got one, and it is settled...
I want one as well. :)

Back to the movie, overall it is a delightful, refreshing new take on the original Rapunzel story, beautiful in color and animation, and very clever and witty humor written in the script. 
If you didn't get the point already...


"Go live your dream." 



  1. Oh I love this movie as well!! I just watched it again the other day with my nephews and niece, and they love it too! I think we have watched it together about four or five times... if not more... Such a great movie!!

    -Many Smiles!

  2. Sounds like you adore this movie. So many girls seem to like it...I think I'll just pass. Romance stories sorta make me shudder. =P I know, I'm strange.

  3. @ Kendra

    Haha, yeah, I don't think this movie is for you. ;) But I think you would like some parts.

    You're not strange, I mean, you are, but we all are in some sort of way. :D lol


  4. Okay, so I was howling with laughter over the part where she wacks herself in the head with the frying pan! Such a ME moment! :P LOL I am gonna see this movie sometime, I hope! :D

  5. Hello! I too love this movie! Infact, I just said to my brother, "Hey, I just found someone who love Tangeled as much as I do!" :o)

    I enjoy its humor, creativity and I love how Rapanzel and Flynn have such a sweet and oure relationship. And also, there is no magic/witches in this Disney movie--very neat!!

    Have a great day!

    "Why is he smiling at me?" :D

  6. I LOVE this movie!!
    The Kingdom Dance scene is my absolute favorite part, but I really just love the whole thing:}
    "Frying pans - who knew?!"


  7. I ♥ Tangled. :) (the last clip with hilarious. :)

  8. was hilarious. *coughs*

  9. Grace,
    Our family's "Tangled story" is actually a funny one. You see, ever since it was in theaters I heard from EVERYONE that it was such a good movie, and thus I desperately wanted to see the movie! :) However we waited until it was out on DVD and thought we would rent it. So when my parents decided to rent it for us (by now we REALLY wanted to see it!) Dad went to the rental box and was going to rent it when the machine told him that there weren't any more in stock. (Evidently, everyone wanted to see it! :D) So we waited...and the next time Dad tried to rent it he went to another rental box...with the same reply. Everyone wanted to see it…leaving no DVD for us to rent! After that my parents kind of gave up on seeing it but I really wanted to see it! So whenever the tangled subject came up I would jokingly drop hints such as "My friend from church said it was really good...." I guess all us kids got in the habit of doing so and once we finally did rent it we all watched it and LOVED it!!!!! But now, as my parents way of getting me back, whenever the Tangled theme comes up they jokingly say to the other "Did you heard that it's a great movie? I heard that it's AMAZING..have you seen it?" and my other parent will reply "Oh, no I've not seem it...but I've heard it very good...we need to see it" and now it's kind of a family joke that I fear will not end with this generation! :D I told daddy that once we have our own kids we will "pass down the family joke". :D But anyways, that's our funny Tangled story. It's one of my favorite movies now!
    P.S. I got your letter! :D I plan on writing back ASAP!
    P.S.S. I found that you are also having the same "Follower box" problem on your blog. I have no clue as to what is happening, maybe blogger is fixing it and had to remove the boxes until then...if you find anything out as to how to fix it then please let me or Johanna know!

  10. Tangled is one of my all time favorite movies. I got really excited when I saw this. :) My sisters and I went out to buy it during the first week that they released it on DVD. :)