Apr 20, 2011

Of Simplicity ~ In the Garden

Hello, dear readers! Thank you so much for stopping by my garden on such a lovely spring afternoon.

Spring has definitely made her arrival to my garden...just as of late we have been experience the warmest of temperatures as well as an unexpected April shower to-day {which has since cleared late this afternoon}. Oh, how lovely spring is! The sun beams more brilliantly, the birds sing more beautifully, and the flora blooms more vibrantly after Winter's bleak, grey despondence. 

The past week, {since the weather had increased in warmth} I decided to sprout a few of my green beans an old-fashion way for my vegetable garden. 

Watching beans grow from day to day is so fascinating to me. After the first day of planting in a mason jar {with damp paper towels} the beans had already shown a few roots! In about a week's time, my greens had grown with such vigor, and waking up one day, I looked to find my glass jar full of healthy, leafy shoots...

So beautiful were they to behold in the morning light...

I knew then I had to plant them soon, for they were quickly outgrowing their home. With the help of my wonderful Daddy, we planted them in a neat row...

And happily now they grow...

As for the other vegetation, thankfully little unwanted critters have not eaten away my ripening strawberries...

Since taking this photo, my strawberries have been blushing with a sweet pink in the spring sunshine, growing redder and redder still. :) 

My fennel has been growing some new sprouts as well and my cilantro is budding into lacy clusters. 
I simply relish the art of gardening! Sometimes 'tis alright to have a bit of dirt under those nails, oh, but the sweetness of the sun-kissed soil dampened by the late rain is all the worth while! I highly recommend, readers, this spring to go plant a vegetable garden comes spring {if it has not called on your doorstep yet}. There are plenty of good reasons for planting a garden: 
One, 'tis therapeutic. I read in a gardening magazine {probably Sunset ;)} it has been proven that people who spend their time in the garden actually lower their blood pressure, as I recall {though perhaps, not completely accurate...the blood pressure part ;)}. It's like owning your own spa!

Two: 'tis cost efficient. Yes, you do pay for water and soil, but love, time, and care do not cost a dime. One can purchase a bag filled with farmer's market produce, and yes, it is good to support local farmers, but a few packages of seeds cost less than a basket full of vegetables.

Three: It's green {literally:)}! I must admit that I am not one who is a "radical" environmentalist. Indeed, I do believe in keeping this world clean. Yet God gave us this world, and we should be good stewards of it benefiting from His workmanship. Though, gardening has given me a new insight into the eco-friendly world including how to recycle rainwater. During the winter showers I have collected thirty gallons of pure, fresh rainwater for my plants, and I can definitely see a difference than from hose water.
 And when gardening, I'm planting new oxygen producing machines!  

Four: Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of growing your own organic produce. Who wants chemicals on your tomatoes? Not me! When planting a garden, I can monitor what is used on the plants for better, healthier vegetables.     

{Okay, I'm done with the lecturing;)}

The best place to seek God is a garden. You can dig for Him there.~George Bernard Shaw

Our roses have bloomed a bit earlier this year....

These white roses in particular smell oh-so-sweet! I dry a few handfuls of these in the spring sunshine for letter potpourri. {Just a little something for my friend's to delight in}. 

A rose by any other name is still as sweet...~Shakespeare

{these photographs look familiar, no?:-)}

This rose {above} smells so beautiful! I do wish I could bottle the fragrance and keep it through the winter. Few can successfully manufacture such a delightful fragrance as fresh, summertime roses, and I applaud you if you can! If you discover a perfume that smells just as sweet, send me some please!:) {My favorite rose scent is old-fashion Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater Cold Cream~heavenly!:)}

A sweet, brown House Finch has made residence in our front door's light as it had last year. During the day, we can hear her melodious song as she sings praises to our Creator. *happy sigh* Nest with speckled blue eggs are so whimsy and woodsy, and make me so happy!:)

 I pray that you were refreshed by your visit here in my garden to-day. 
Do come visit me again soon! 

With Love,

Postscript: On the morrow, I am to get braces...indeed, I am a bit nervous so prayers would  be appreciated very much! Should I dare post pictures??? :)


  1. Lovely pictures, Grace! I too love gardening, but I'm not sure if we can have one this year.

    Braces are not all that bad. ;) Post pictures, please!

  2. Your photographs are so lovely! I'm pure green with envy at those lovely bean sprouts of yours. :)

    I'll be praying for you and braces *shudders*. I admit I wouldn't be too excited either...

  3. I love gardens. I would love to have one, but I am gone so much in the summer and we have a very pesky family of groundhogs that ruined my last attempt.
    Spring is almost here up in New England. You are blessed that it has come to you!

  4. Beautiful pictures! We planted a large vegetable garden last year, and it was so much fun! Oh, and I love strawberry's , got to be one of my favorite fruits!:)

  5. Absolutely lovely pictures, Grace! And an interesting post to accompany them too. ;) I envy your warm weather...and the fact you are already seeing so many flowers. Things are still dead around here. :(

  6. O, and Grace, I have braces, and they are not bad at all; except for the first 3 days. Your mouth will be really sore:( But yes, post some pictures!!

  7. Wow -- the seasons change so quickly!

  8. Gardening really looks like a thing I'd like to try! It's probably too late to start planting things this year, but I might try it next year.
    I'll definitely be praying for you!


    P.S. Your photos are lovely... as always! :)