Apr 27, 2011

April's Simple Life...

Hello, fair readers! How delightful 'tis that you have taken the time to visit my garden! Well, between my studies and e-mailing my sponsors {*gasp* I need to do that TO-NIGHT!:)}, friends, and ladies involved in my scavenger hunt, reading my magazines, and lettering, and~well, I am writing a whole synopsis of my daily life in one paragraph! Why not have the pictures speak for themselves? 

On Resurrection Sunday, we shared a delicious luncheon made up of barbecued lamb and chicken and vegetable kabobs, homemade potato salad {the best I have ever tasted ;)}, a sort of Greek rice salad, Jello  marshmallow casserole, fresh croissants, fruit salad, and array of lemonades and desserts after church with our dear pastor's family! 'Twas a feast and a very merry afternoon.

After the afternoon meal, my dear friend Faith and I had a little "photo op" in their spring garden...

Miss Faith is so talented with the lens. {Most of the photographs [of the flowers] below were taken by Faith S. If the photograph has not been watermarked, then 'twas taken by Faith and edited by me. Please do not copy or use without permission}. 

The Lord had blessed our afternoon with fair, balmy weather....

{Taken by moi}

 My pastor's wife is very fond of roses and gardening, and she plants the most beautiful {and most fragrant} roses {I declare she has a "green thumb" ;)}...

{Taken by moi}

*content sigh* 'Twas such a delightful afternoon!


As for my garden, 'tis progressing quite well...

Gardening is truly a pastime I am becoming most passionate about...

I was happy to discover last year's carrot crop sprouting again, only this time in my tomato bed!:)

I planted two tomatoes the other day: one cherry and the other an heirloom. 

The Cilantro plants are growing as tall as can be!

A few days ago, I was startled to see another plant in my garden bed. Then I realized that my sweet Daddy had purchased a lettuce plant on his last trip to Lowes. =D I thought the Garden Santa had stopped by for a visit!

*sigh* My two Swiss Chard plants are very much welcomed in my garden...


I shall write more about the magazines in my next post.

May the Lord bless you with a peaceful evening!

With fondest regards from the garden,


  1. How very lovely Grace!! I just love your photography..getting better every day! Still writing your letter..<3


  2. Grace,

    Your pictures are delightful! I look forward to hearing more about those magazines... I am looking into some of them myself. :)

    In Christ,

  3. You are getting much better at photography, Grace! I love your new header -- yet it's hard to read the cursive writing at the top. Do you mind fixing that? Or do I need to get my eyes checked? ;)

    Love in Christ,

  4. Such a beautiful post! I just love your pictures...I could write an article or possibly a story just based on what I feel when I look at your pictures! :D

    And it appears as though I can comment again! It was a blogger issue! :P