Apr 7, 2011

All About Spring Vacation {Part I}

Dear Readers~
Yes, this post 'tis late, as have all my other posts. Well, as you all know, we went to Disneyland a week ago, having a very nice time {I could not describe the whole trip as relaxing, for 'twas spring break in the Orange County, and D-land was packed-stressful!:-)}. I was unable to capture photos of the park, for I was uncomfortable taking my camera along {shocking, no?}, but I was able to capture Flip videos for ya'll. 

Pardon the stroller and the man's hand holding the camera in these videos. 

Now, I did not have very good videos of World of Color. {If you do not know what the World of Color is, it is a beautiful, water, fire, laser, night-time spectacular only seen at Disney's California Disney. 'Twas so neat to watch them build {as time progressed} the fountains.} You really must watch this neat video. 
World of Color blew me away...the sections where we stood had little fenced areas where plants grew between rows, and fountains sprung up at every climax!;-) We stood a little closer to the fountains, therefore; when I watched this video I did not realize how neat it looked from afar.:) 

~To Be Continued~

May the Lord bless you,
~The Keeper of the Garden~
P.S. Should I do a blog makeover? I am considering asking Miss Bethany to redo my blog. 


  1. Hello Miss Grace,

    I am so glad that you had a nice time at Disney-Land. The videos were very neat, and I thank you for sharing them!
    Your blog looks lovely now, although Miss Bethany does beautiful blog makeovers!

    Many Blessings,

  2. FUN! I have lived near LA for awhile (but don't any longer) and have been to both D-land and CA disney. though I never saw the World of Color.

  3. Sounds like you had fun!!! =)
    I love your blog just the way it is!!!!