Apr 21, 2011

I Just Wanted to Say...

I love the size...
The oh-so-refreshing tastiness inside...
The bright orange straw peeping out from the cup...
The guarantees that no added sugar is inside this wonderfulness...
The funny sayings on the side...
The truthful saying "It's hard to frown with a straw in your mouth"... 
The comfort of knowing that even after a long painful, dental appointment, Mom will drive you there...

❤ Jamba Juice!

Thank you, Jamba Juice, for creating the bestest,
 most wonderful, 
most healthiest, 
most natural, 
 most soothing,
most refreshing,
most tangy,
most fruity,
most icy,
most creamy,
most amazing,
most delicious, 
smoothies in the world!!!

When I order my favorite Orange Dream Machine, it's like dipping my tongue in a rainbow...literally. =D

When I come home, and my teeth aren't feeling the best they can be, 
Thank you....

{Note: I don't watch the murder scenes, and some of the content within is not appropriate. The story is amazing, though.}

For the laughs {the laughs that make your sides ache, to be precise} and cheering me up!

Thank you...

Hannah for sending me the beautiful Resurrection Day card! Brought a much-needed smile to my face. 

Thank you...

Bekah for all of your frequent e-mails in my inbox which has lightened my spirits to-day and has made me giggle. I think I've found a new kindred spirit!:)

Thank you...

Carlotta for all of your beautiful, inspiring photos! This photograph she posted this morning of the vintage lace made me sigh contently. ;) 

Thank you...

For all of your lovely comments on my last post...each made my day! 
{Except for the one from the guy that was lecturing me [rather disrespectfully I might add] on the skirts and pants post, published awhile back...I got a lot of feedback on that post and am thinking of incorporating a Modest Fashion Week in my May Garden Party ;)} 

And now for the moment you have been waiting for....
I guess, I should post pictures of my teeth, no?;)
{Pardon the background *wink*}

Should I?

{I actually really like how this came out!:)}

Ah, maybe not...

I think I'm good...

All right, I guess I will. 

Before two and a half hour dentist appointment....
{ignore this pretty bad photo}

Now, remember, my teeth are sore and these are pretty forced smiles. In other words, I had a rough day to-day so do not be hard on me. =D

After two and a half hour dentist appointment...

Horrid picture! *blush* See, I'm trying to show all of my teeth to you...yeah, that's right!:) 

Well, now you know what your Keeper of the Garden looks like and will look like for two and a half years time. Now I have glasses and braces, but don't pay attention to that. Just feel my EXTREMELY thick hair that is complimented on all the time and you'll be fine. :)

Hope you are having a blessed day!
Lots of Love,
~The Keeper of the Garden~ 


  1. Them braces are pretty snazzy. :)

  2. I LOVE your hair!! Not even kidding.. it's beautiful!! And you look great with braces.. :) Your heart is so precious to me! Your love for Jesus just shines through your face!

  3. The braces look great! I remember all too well having them myself :) It seems like the time goes by pretty quickly, and before you know it you'll be getting them off!

    Love in Christ,


  4. Grace~

    I just got my braces off myself and the time does fly by. They'll be off before you know it!

  5. They look great! While I was looking at the photos I was thinking about how beautiful your hair is! I hope your mouth feels better soon!

  6. I'm sorry your braces hurt so much... don't worry! In a couple of weeks your teeth should be feeling lots better :).

    The gal that has braces too,

  7. hey whay is the address for the skirt and pants post?

  8. Aww, you look great. Braces aren't all that bad, though they do hurt the second day. And your hair is lovely.

  9. You look great Grace!! I love your hair, it's sooo pretty!! Love in Christ,


  10. AWWW You look soooo cute in braces! And your hair is beautiful!!!
    What time did you go to Jamba Juice yesterday? We went too, and I might have just missed you! And I was soo happy to see you the other day! Too funny, and your mother is the sweetest!

    P.S. You are gonna look adorable in braces and glasses!

  11. Love the photos, Grace! I love your hair too...=)
    I hope you mouth feels better soon. My cousin got braces a few years ago, and she told me the first few days are pretty bad.
    Have a great day!
    Love you!

  12. You look great with braces dear! I am sure you will have fun picking out all the different color bands too! *wink*

    I too LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Jumba Juice!! *mmmmmm* It is a special tradition that I always look forward to at our debate/speech tournie's to start our day off with a Jumba Juice! *happy sigh* So refreshing!!

    Well, have a lovely day....


  13. I was so surprised to see my name appear in this post! :D I agree...we BOTH have found a kindred spirit! Love you, girl! ;) *hugs*

    Awww, you don't look all that bad! :D In fact, you look just dandy! ;) (Around here, saying "just dandy" means, "just fine", "great", etc.)

    You do have lovely hair! :)

    Oh, and I've never heard of Jamba Juice...must be an American thing?!