Apr 23, 2011

An Evening Stroll...

Hello, my dearest readers! Of course, you have visited my sweet garden during the day, but have you lingered long enough to experience the coolness of the evening? 

The Bible records talking to Adam and Eve in the garden during the coolness of the day:

And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day... 
{Genesis 3:18}

Although, my garden does not compare to the beautiful Garden of Eden the Lord created, perhaps, you would like to join me and take a stroll down my garden walk on this cool evening...

Yellow is always cheery, no? 

The last of our Californian Lilac buds....

Not only do Sweet Peas grow into beautiful looking flowers, but their fragrance is heavenly!

Even though, aphids attack the young rose, I think this curl is quite pretty...

The first rose to bloom in my garden...

God's creation does not cease to amaze me! Every detail has been well thought out, and to think that people believe this world has come about by chance! 

I hope you enjoyed your little walk with me! Thank you for joining me this evening! I always enjoy your company. 

May the Lord bless your evening and have a Happy Resurrection Day!

Lots of Love,
~The Keeper of the Garden~


  1. Lovely pictures, Grace! I especially like the picture of the yellow and pink rose-beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous photos!!! You have such a pretty garden, Miss Grace!

  3. Amazing photos Grace! They're beautiful! Love the pictures of the rose! :)

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Grace! You seriously need to put a bunch of your pics on a CD, and then mail them to me so I can use them on the cover of my magazine! :D lol

  5. my what lovely photos miss grace, you have so many pretty flowers in your garden already, how is that possible ? I wont say I'm jealous only longing for some pretties to sprout in my own yard.
    you have a lovely blog, I enjoy visiting as often as I can

  6. What lovely pictures! I especially like the rose =) Our flowers are slowly starting to bloom here.


  7. More roses. :) I love them! Here in New England our lilacs haven't even begun to bloom and yours are starting to leave. Oh, well. Spring will come. I like the color yellow. Like you said, it really is cheering.