Apr 15, 2011

Meeting the Old-Fashion Girl {Part II}

As promised, I have {finally} compiled a post about my first meeting with An Old Fashion Girl.

What a joy and blessing 'twas to meet such a dear friend.
Well, I think it best to describe our meeting in a sort of journal description, so that I may write it down in my real journal as well to remember such a special occasion. 
{Warning: below is a very detailed account of our meeting *wink*}

Dearest Journal,
I remember the evening in which I met my dearest friend, vividly, as though I had seen her the day before and not two weeks past....

At half past five, my Daddy and I took the "long" ride down the elevator {since we were staying on the twelfth floor of the Embassy Suites}, packed the car up with certain handmade goodies {I, making sure that such articles would not be damaged during the car trip}, and starting on our hour-long trip "into the unknown." :) The atmosphere was filled with excitement, and more than once, Daddy repeated, "Now, remember, breath," with a teasing smile. I chuckled  nervously in response. 

Now, with careful reading of our Google map, Daddy drove us to our destination; when we approached Johanna's street, excitement completely overtook me as I tried to concentrate to find my dear friend's home address number. :) And then...I spotted it! Daddy mused good-humoredly, "Oh, she's going to let you ring the doorbell," but I barely heard as I anxiously rang the doorbell. In response to the bell's ring, slight thumping of footsteps could be heard inside. The rest was a blur: the door opened and I fell into a warm embrace with my dear friend. We looked at each other with huge grins and screamed! :) *sigh* 

Quickly, Johanna introduced her family who welcomed Daddy and me with all warmth and hospitality...
We were showered with loving comments and excited exclamations by her sweet family: 

Dear Miss Savannah

Sweet Abigail {Abby}

And of course, dear little Hudson {also known as Bucky ;)}

 As her dear, sweet mother remarked, it was truly "Sisters finally reuniting to-day." Johanna then swept me away as she gave me the grand tour of her home. And we exchanged the long-awaited gifts made {as Johanna described it, "with TLC"}  from our own hands. I was so pleased that Johanna was delighted to open her hand-embroidered, lavender-coloured handkerchief, specially-written-for-her magazine, hand-sewn/crocheted, lavender stuffed pillow {which her sisters envied and tried to hide from her *wink*}, et cetera and likewise I was delighted to receive her lovely gifts.

I was astonished when I saw that she owned the same poster as I:

{La Pomerade by Renoir}

And just earlier during our trip, I purchased a bookmark with the same painting for her! Again, it reflected how our tastes are so alike. :)

 Then she showed me her little trinkets that laced her room {as well as her tea cozy atop her dresser}, scrapbooks, as well as her laptop where all the blogging and Skyping"magic" takes place. 

{Downstairs again...}

The dinning table was ladened with scrumptious looking treats...

...And the prettiest of china {Royal Albert's Old Country Roses of course!}.

Johanna and her family went great lengths to make that evening special. 
Blueberry scones, lemon cakes, and caramel chocolate lacys were all meticulously arranged on a cream pedestal while a homemade chocolate bunt cake {baked by Johanna of course ;)} sat atop the rest....  

The rose which decorates this beautiful cake, is now tucked away into my letter/memory box so that I may remember the evening....  

Steaming and freshly brewed tea {the last of the strawberries n' cream in which Johanna had specially saved for the occasion} and beautifully-painted, china plates "heaped" {*wink*} with treats were served.  

"Dear Reader, there is something undeniably heart-warming and conversation-making in a cup of steaming hot tea served with delicious cream; it is an ideal prescription for banishing loneliness. Perhaps it is not so much the tea itself, as the circle of happy friends eager for a pleasant chat...." ~George Elliot 
{How true the quote above is and perfectly described our special teatime.}

Johanna also showed me her tea cabinet, filled with beautiful tea cups she and her dear sisters had each named. ;) After much consideration {and changing my mind more than once ;)} I finally chose the pink teacup with gold trim and beautifully painted roses....

After tea was served, Johanna graced us with her beautiful piano playing; the piece she selected she played wonderfully! Her family insisted that next time I bring my violin. 

....And we had a lavender/lemon, homemade"spa" which Savannah, Abbey, and Hudson were all very fascinated with. *smile* I prepared a lavender facial steam, alas, adding too much lavender oil *smile,* a lemon nail soak, and a lavender foot soak which felt heavenly. 

The rest of the evening was filled with endless chatting and conversation, laughter, smiles, teasing, squeals, screams, and many hugs while the night passed all too quickly.

When 'twas time to take our leave, our parents practically had to tear us apart, and it took all our might to stop our tears. :D *sigh* And with a promise to visit each other {I, making Johanna promise to visit me for the July Lavender Festival here *smile*} soon I bid a bittersweet farewell to one of my dearest friends.
'Twas a wonderful, wonderful night, dear journal. On our return to the hotel 
{which was around 10:00 ~ far later than expected} Daddy and I talked unceasingly about it. 

Although our meeting came to an end, the fondest memories have been left behind, and a friendship strengthened. How thankful to the Lord I am that He blessed us with the opportunity to meet each other face-to-face! How amazing it felt to talk with a dear friend in person after so many letters, phone calls, skype calls ~ intangible and cannot even be compared to a real-life meeting.
Until we meet again, dearest Johanna!
 And such was the meeting with my dear friend, Johanna, my Old-Fashion Girl... 

Well, that was our meeting {in full detail ;)}. Becoming more acquainted with Miss Johanna was truly amazing and such an immense blessing! Words cannot even half-way describe it.  How grateful I am to the Lord that He connected us through Blogger! 
Johanna and I compiled a video for all of our bloggers but with vehemence, Johanna has refused to let me post it {because we are so bubbling with excited}. Besides, I do not much care for my voice on recordings. :P

Alas, I can sum up what we said in the video:
We wished that all of our dear bloggers whom we have met throughout the years could have joined us. Especially dear friends such as: Miriam, Jenna, Lindsay, Sarah, Bethany WardEden, Lucia, and Kendra. We also wanted to thank all of our dear readers for faithfully checking and reading our blogs and leaving the most supportive, kind, encouraging comments. You are all such a blessing! 

Hopefully, someday, I will have the blessed opportunity to meet one of you! If you are ever visiting California, please stop by, and I will show you my beloved state. *wink*

I hope you are having a simply blessed day enjoying this beautiful spring sunshine! 

With Much Love,
~The Keeper of the Garden~
{A.K.A. The Lavender Girl A.K.A Miss Charlotte Morcotte A.K.A...Okay, I'll stop now *smile*}

Stop by Johanna's lovely blog:

I am quite sure she would be delighted to have you for tea! {Strawberries n' cream to be precise *wink*}


  1. I'm so glad y'all had a wonderful time! And your blog post on your visit was very good :)...


  2. Aw my Sweet Lavender Friend! This post was SO sweet! I think I'll have to print it out and stick it somewhere special! *wink*


    *sigh* I will never forget our first meeting my dear! Your friendship is truly a treasure, and I pray that the Lord will continue to bless us, as we not only grow in our own friendship, but our love for Him as well!

    ~Your Old-Fashioned Girl

  3. Wow! That does sound like fun! You should write a book! You write so well!

  4. It sounds you had a lovely time, Grace!
    Johanna sounds like such a sweet girl. <3
    I would love to be able to meet some of my dear friends and followers someday. I'm sure it would be quite fun!


  5. Ohhh....Grace. *sigh* I wish I had such a lovely pen-pal as you! I am not allowed to have a blog, so I have not met such like-minded young ladies, but I feel like I have gotten to know you and Johanna through ya'll's posts!
    Maybe we could start emailing or something? I would love to get to know each other better!

  6. Oh- sorry, I forgot to add NNTP in the above comment! =)

  7. Hi, Hannah! Thank you for the sweet note {unpublished ;)}.

    I would be delighted to e-mail you! To contact me you can reach me here:


  8. Hi Grace,
    I have been reading for blog for a while and I quite enjoy it! May I ask, how did you get the rounded corner and oval shapes on some of the photos in this post? I would love to be able to do that!

    Hope to hear from you,

  9. How sweet! Glad you had a wonderful time!! If you are ever passing through Charleston SC, be sure to tell me:) Couldn't let you pass through with out showing you around our state:))) Much love in Christ,


  10. What a sweet memory to have...actually meeting a dear blogging friend!! :D
    I am so happy that you were able to do so, Grace! Johanna is such a sweet young lady and I'm happy to have the pleasure of reading her lovely blog. :)


  11. Aww, how lovely! You and Johanna are SO sweet..two of you must have made the time EXTRA special. ;)

    ..And I was SO touched to be up there on the list of people you would like to meet..YOU are most definitly on my list! ;) Oh, and Grace, I am starting a letter for you! PARDON me for failing to respond to even your e-mail, as of yet..e-mailing for me has been rather hard with trying to post my daily giveaways AND do school! :P But, could you send me your address? :) I can't wait to get to know you better!! <3

    Much Love,

  12. Can't wait until i'm doing a post about meeting my online friend in person.....


  13. This has always been a favorite post of mine, deary. I'll never forget this day! *hugs*