Feb 20, 2013

to the moon and back|happy birthday, gabby dear!

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a friend is a person who knows what you are saying, even if you're not talking. understands what you're feeling,even if you don't understand your own feelings yourself.will always forgive you, usually before you forgive yourself. >> sarah bennett << 
it was just a comment. one simple nonchalant statement on a small-town girl's old blog. however, it became more than just that. her thoughtfulness lead to an email - a simple email filled with knitting resources and warm wishes at my succeeding in my failing attempts at knitting. this was a girl, I little knew, yet somehow felt a genuine love - the sister in Christ type of love - all enveloped within that small electronic message. and somehow that simple email, tugged at my heartstrings, touched me so very deeply, and a seed of a friendship was planted.
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to-day. we are here. two years past with many long-distance phone calls, late night skype messaging, video chatting, and a bundle of handwritten letters to count. and you know what? I don't know how I could have lived {more liked survived} these past two years without her. she is the girl who inspires me in everything she does, whether she snaps a photograph, hand-writes a little postcard and sends it to me just because, or she publishes a little essay about her life on in her little corner of the blogging world which always seems to stir something I never knew was within my heart. and there's loads to say about her as she enters into her sixteenth year. like how she is as sweet as her pumpkin spice bars are {not to mention talented for coming up with that recipe}; like how she is a little drop of sunshine in my life that transforms my cloudy days into good ones and good days into fantastic ones; like she's the one who's thoughtful and takes the extra measure of being beyond considerate and supports me in everything, and like how she always makes the best of surrounding circumstances. I am honored and blessed beyond words to say that she is one of my dearest friend and adopted sister in the whole wide world.

darling girl, I wish you could see yourself how I view you, as a beautiful, creative, smart, wise, sweet, inspiring, talented, life-changing friend and godly young lady but most importantly to show you how our Heavenly father views you :: as a faithful servant and a bright light in a very dark world. there's so many things I could wish you as you enter into your sixteenth, and to name only a few: I pray that you will grow closer to our wonderful Savior, that new opportunities open before you, that your days will be filled to the brim with only the fondest of memories, and our friendship will only continue to strengthen as the years go by.

sweet girl {-er, your not a girl anymore but a beautiful sixteen year old lady ;)}, I wish I could be with you in person - for a moment - to give you a little squeeze, but until we meet {maybe sooner than you would expect ;)}, I send you from the bottom of my heart my love that extends no less than to the moon and back a million times o'er.    

happy sweet sixteen, dearest gabby!

love you lots, my dearest turkey!
x | your goosey girl. 


  1. this is absolutely so sweet, and those photos are GORGEOUS, girly!!
    happy birthday, Gabby!

  2. Oh my goodness...

    It's 8:47 and I haven't cried yet all day but now I am.

    Oh, dearest goosey. I love you so much and you make me feel so special. You don't know how many times I simply sit and think about you, wondering how in the world I got so lucky to be your friend.

    I love you so. I don't think a simply thank you will really give the right idea about how I feel from what you said. It's beyond that. But I do thank you and hope you know that there is a blubbering turkey in Louisiana who can't stop thinking and loving you... and can't believe how lucky I am.

    I love you to the moon and back.
    A million times over.

  3. this is so sweet, Grace, and those photos are so utterly gorgeous. :) Happy Birthday Gabby, dear! <3

  4. Gabby is one of the most lovely, sweet bloggers there is! You're so lucky to have her as a pen-pal -- and she's so lucky to have YOU as a pen-pal! (Also, can I just say her cards and letters to you are drop-dead gorgeous? Because they totally are.)

    Happy birthday, dearest Gabby!

    xx's from England,


  5. Grace, this is so sweet! I always enjoy reading your birthday posts to your friends. They inspire me to show my appreciation for my own friends. Gabby is so sweet and this post really shows that.


    1. I just saw this and thought of you two: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bff-cowl

    2. You're such a dear for thinking of us! I've seen that before, and we are determined to make it {as soon as we find time + funds for supplies + I'm advanced enough to make it}. *sheepish grin* Do you think the stitches are ever so complicated?

    3. They look a little complicated, but I am sure that you could do a simple ribbed cowl, or maybe just a stockinette stitch one. it's the thought that counts, after all, not the complexity of the stitch pattern. *smile*