Feb 5, 2013

i'll always be here, little one.

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I don't see you as often as I did a long time ago. I don't see your sweet seven-year old face brighten at the slightest whim with a sunny smile, or your eyes light up with your contagious laughter. I suppose, as time changes, people can hardly resist the itch of changing as well and with your growing up so fast, there isn't much room to make trips down the steep hill you call home. there's nothing but time. darling, there isn't really anybody I've loved like I love you, and although we aren't as close as I wish to be, I thank the Lord for what little bond He gave us - He gave me with you. I don't have a sister, and I think of you more like a little sister than my little niece. and my heart hurts accordingly. 

my heart hurts when I think of all the darkness there is in the world that is just waiting to snatch your innocence - of the hurt you already have felt that no one your age should have felt. I don't want to think of all the wounds and sadness your little heart will feel someday, when you are older and understand that growing up isn't all fun and games. my heart hurts that I can not be there to tell you all this. 

I wish I could make you understand that there are storms beyond anything imaginable that will brew in your life, that will tear apart the same life that you fought so hard to build. there will be doubts and fears and darkness that everybody is too afraid to tell you about, that the people who are closest to you will pretend away and hold empty answers to burdening questions. but even more so, I wish I could make you understand that there is a loving Savior above it all who will whisper in your ear, when I can't, "I'll always be here, little one." if only you will listen.

forever yours | auntie grace.  


  1. Oh, darling, she is such a beautiful little girl- really, I mean, she is gorgeous. I am sure you are a wonderful auntie and that she loves you lots.

    Growing up is scary and it's scary to think about little girls having to go through it. I am not in your situation, but I suppose the rules are the same in this game of life for everyone: love them to death and let them know that you do.

    I love you and hey! Give her a squeeze from a turkey :-)

    1. I think it's even more scary for a little girl who doesn't have a Daddy and is living in a non-Christian environment. She's not going to have a strong foundation of knowing what's right and wrong and more likely will make avoidable mistakes that will hurt her deeper than ever. Growing up is hard enough, but without God it's a scary world out there... love you, darling!

  2. She is so cute! I love the hair and the dress is adorable! They do grow up to fast-my baby brother will be 4 in October!*sigh*

    Key Quote of The Week~
    Expect great things from God;
    Attempt great things for God~
    ~William Carey

  3. Oh my. I cry. So much like my little boy, so many things I'd like to tell him.

  4. How sweet to know that our loving Savior is *always* there four us... that when everything seems a mess, our heart is broken, and we just don't know why anymore... He is still there, holding His children and comforting their weary souls... a blessed reminder, dear Grace.


  5. ahh, this brought tears to my eyes, grace. such beautiful words and emotions for your sister. thank you so much for sharing. xx

  6. oh, this is so precious, Grace. sososo beautiful. what an adorable + beautiful little girl. :) there are so many things i wish i could tell my little friends, too, about life, but i guess they have to figure it out on their own. :) so lovely, darling... such beautiful words, and pictures.


  7. your niece is so freaking adorable!!! this was gorgeous, Grace. gorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeous!

  8. I love the light streaming down :)

  9. This is beautiful, dear. Your words are beautiful, your photos are beautiful and of course your little princess is beautiful. Sad to see a little girl having to face that sort of situation but praise God for the chance you have to influence her life.

  10. This is heart-breakingly beautiful. I love the way sunshine and light and laughter spill out of your photos - and words.

    thank you for sharing your heart with us, grace. it means a lot.