Feb 13, 2013

four year blogoversary giveaway

hullo, dearhearts! my, my! four years of tending this lil' garden o' mine and look how far we've come. together. there are a lot of things I really want to say, like how much every single one of you who visits my garden walk and leaves little bits of sunshine is so dear to my heart. and really. 'tis such an honor to write for such a lovely group of people. I suppose expressing my thanks in just a few mere words, will have to do for now as well as a little giveaway I have prepared. let's take a peek into three darling shops, shall we? 

…a peek into the shop…
our first shop is kept by a pretty lady I have been blessed to become more acquainted with through letter correspondence. the lovely and oh-so-talentedly-creative miss katie of bird + willow runs an etsy shop filled with beautiful vintage and tenderly handcrafted delights. her lookbooks are stunning and each of the pages inside are artfully crafted with a love that is quite evident in her work. if you have not had the chance to view them, I highly encourage you to look here.   

…a peek into the shop…
sweet karen runs our next establishment which is a delightfully whimsical little place brimming with handcrafted woodland-themed goods made specially for your beauty and health. she carries lip tints and body scrubs that sound almost scrumptious enough to be eaten. ;)   

…a peek into the shop…
last but most definitely not the least, we 

... product review...
it was a wonderful honor and pleasure to be able to write up a review to be included in this giveaway. 
 photo KnittingStitchMarkersReview-2.jpg
 photo KnittingStitchMarkersReview-3.jpg
 photo KnittingStitchMarkersReview-7.jpg
 photo KnittingStitchMarkersReview-4.jpg
 photo KnittingStitchMarkersReview-8.jpg
dear brittany sweetly and most generously sent me a set of five stitch markers specially customized with some of my own photographs! I choose a few of my favorites from all the times I met this girl as we share a love for knitting. *wink* it will be lovely to knit up a few new creations with these lovelies. 

:: why I recommend brittany's shop :: 
| her customer service was splendid. just splendid! now, I must comment that it takes a lot of patience to work with a silly goose like me who can complicate the simplest of tasks. *smile* my requests were replied to with all promptness and she made sure that all of my questions were answered. it was truly a joy and blessing working with her!
| the high quality of her products could be seen in her work. the time and love she spent making each stitch marker is quite evident in her work.
|  shipping was incredibly fast {especially for a custom made product} and the items came in a neatly packed parcel, wrapped in bright red tissue paper. 
*disclaimer, I was not paid to do this review. all writings and photographs are my own.

...the giveaway...
| firstly,
my dear friend katie has sweetly contributed this lovely set of stationery from her shop. 

| secondly
karen kindly offered to giveaway this scrumptious sugar scrub...
| thirdly
brittany from knitcubby has most generously provided not one but two sets of knitting stitch markers from her darling shop!!! the first lucky lady will receive a set of four stitch markers, personally customized with their favorite downton abbey characters... 
{winner chooses which images they would like on their stitch markers!}
the second winner will be able to choose a any set of stitch markers $14.99 or under! there is such a lovely selection, it will be very difficult for you to choose. *wink*  

you may begin entering now, ladies!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
*update :: I unfortunately, forgot to mention that this giveaway is open to US readers only. apologies to my sweet International friends!
special, special thanks to katie and karen for making this giveaway possible as well as brittany for graciously sending the darling set for the product review! 

the girl in the garden. 


  1. My favorite thing from Karen's shop is the sugar scrub. Though the other things do look nice as well! As far as Katie's shop, it would have to be either the stationary or the wall hangings. :)

  2. I would probably pick the Pride and Prejudice stitch markers. As to Downton Abbey, I haven't seen it enough to know. That would be hard to say!

  3. I love the vintage teapot markers and set of stationary that is given away.

  4. I love the lip balm and key chains!

  5. Really don't have a favorite. :P

  6. Oh, Grace! This is so lovely!

    However, since I live in England I thought I better ask you whether the giveaway hosts would be willing to ship to England?



  7. My favorite things are the stationary and the lip balm!

  8. I would chooses the markers that have either Mary or Matthew

  9. My favorite thing from Katie's shop is her vintage Floral Teacup. My favorite thing from Karen's shop is the Little Lambs Lotion Bar!

  10. http://www.etsy.com/listing/115691458/on-sale-travel-lookbook?


  11. These ones are so lovely~~ http://www.etsy.com/listing/91865198/elegance-in-pink-listing-for-five-non?
    I've never seen Downtown Abbey so I really wouldn't know which ones to choose:)

  12. I love the key chains and lip balm (and sugar scrub! :) )

  13. I would perhaps choose the Paris ones. For DA, mmm... maybe Sybil? :) And the Duchess. ;)

  14. (Also, I would have no use for the knitting markers, so if I happened to win those, please choose another winner for them. :) )

  15. I would perhaps choose the Paris ones. For DA, mmm... maybe Sybil? :) And the Duchess. ;)

  16. I love the sugar scrubs in these girls' shops! So delicious looking! :)

  17. Hmmm.... If I won.... well, I think we both know what stitch markers I would choose... Sherlock Holmes. ;) (although, those Jane Eyre ones are pretty darn cute as well!)

  18. I love that feather wall hanging...too gorgeous!!

  19. From Katie's shop....I like the vintage baker boxes.
    From Karen's shop....I like the Wild Rose lip tint.

  20. I don't knit....so I'd ask one of my friends who does, which she'd like. :) Or maybe I'd just get the Sherlock Holmes ones and keep them for myself....they'd make a lovely decoration, and who knows, I might yet learn to knit. I'm not sure which Downton Abbey characters I'd choose....

  21. The neon just a not notebooks are great!

  22. I'm a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, so I would love for that to me the theme of mine!

  23. My favorite thing from Katie's shop is definitely her lookbooks and from Karen's shop is her little lambs lotion bar. :)

  24. I am so thankful for your blog, dear! Congratulations on four splendid years.
    I love Katie's lookbooks. Karen's lip balms all have such scrumptious scents! I love the pumpkin spice one.

  25. If I won a set of stitch markers, I would choose this set: http://www.etsy.com/listing/112555045/an-artists-view-of-jane-austens-pride
    As for Downton Abbey characters, I would choose one of Matthew and Mary, the Dowager Countess, the three sisters, and Mr. and Mrs. Bates.