Feb 22, 2013

in which the trees are awakened and the glen laughs allegro|springtide overture.

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those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature -- the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter. >> rachel carson, silent spring
springtime is the only season to which arrives in our glen's parlor in a timely and reliable manner. she floats across the countryside casting regal airs and feminine grace with an elegant gossamer train trailing behind her that stimulates life in the land deep with slumber. the jocund daffodils come first in the latter days of january, pompously displaying their bonnets on sunny afternoons and shuddering on the rainy ones, while the almond blossoms begin to blink and unfurl their shimmering beauty late in february and lilacs laugh in april time. an effervescent herald of sundry shrills of the waxwings and sparrows and doves alike compose the royal intricate fanfare preceding spring's entrance. the earth stiffens as to salute spring's royal procession, but for a day or two, and suddenly vernal life bursts forth in a celebration of cheerful sunshine, while little sunbeams comb through daffodil beds and the knotted branches of almonds quiver shyly as they present shimmering pearls. the crests of the heaving hills are speckled with trees shaking their boughs awake with life after a long winter's slumber, while the valleys fill with shooting sprays of blossoms kissed with the gentlest of pinks.

the world awakes in spring - and not even the most descriptive of adjectives or the keenest of poetic genius or the sharpest of lenses have any hope in capturing the notes of spring's concerto.

fare thee well, winter. hullo, springtime! 

what is your favorite element of springtide?
xx | the girl in her springtide garden.


  1. Dearest Grace,

    It's eight o'clock on a Saturday morning, I'm lying in bed; and I just turned on the computer. This is the first blog post that I've read today - and I must say, it's probably going to be my FAVOURITE blog post of the week. (Seriously!)

    I just can't explain how beautiful and heartfelt and gorgeous and magnificent and splendid and perfect your photography {accompanied by your lovely words} is!

    {hugs and kisses}


    1. Aw, that means A LOT, dearest Acacia! You are a perfect dear. Love you lots, dear friend. *hugs*
      p.s. it is a bit odd that you are 8 whole hours ahead of us. it's midnight here, and I'm just about to go to bed. *smile*

  2. "...little sunbeams comb through daffodil beds and the knotted branches of almonds quiver shyly as they present shimmering pearls."

    Dearest one, I think I am going to copy that piece of beauty onto paper [with your permission, of course] and keep it in my journal so I can read it over and over again when I am cold and sad that the day is gray. Because you are the best writer- somehow, the words are effortless and scented with your signature of lavender- graceful and sweet.

    I love you!

  3. sping, spirng, spring!!! i am smiling at this beautiful post. =]

  4. Lovely photographs of spring Grace! :) My favourite part of Springtime is all of the flowers blooming just like how you explained in your nice post!

  5. ah, your photos and words make my heart swell. spring brings new life- that's the best part.

  6. Grace dear are those really flower blossoms? For real? Ahh, it is so beautiful...and majorly jealous. Our trees won't bloom until the second week of April and it will be May before we have leaves. *sigh* Enjoy it my dear and thanks for the little glimpse of spring in these beautiful photos and words.


  7. Grace, these photos & your words are truly lovely. *sighs happily* It makes me long for spring!
    My favorite part of this season would be the new blossoms and warmer weather. Here in NC the weather fluctuates so often--maybe we will see more signs of springtime soon though. :)

    <3 Moriah

  8. Oh, so pretty! I'm so ready for spring and pretty flowers, but everything still looks completely like winter outside.

  9. Your pictures are so beautiful ;) I especially love you focused differently in the different pictures!

  10. Spring? We just got six inches of snow...*smile* As much as I love winter and snow, i am excited for spring. Your lovely photos and words just warmed up my chilled little soul.