Feb 26, 2013

February Sundry

 photo FebruarysOverture-13.jpg
loving of late // 
this playlist 
simply breathing
sunbeams sifting through almond branches laden with snowy blossoms
afternoon rides in daddy's new truck
typewritten letter from a doll 
baking integrated in my weekly routine 
bare feet
messy hair 
sun setting later
lavender that reminds me of summer months soon to come 
clementine rinds
reading emily dickenson
future adventures
steaming cuppa vanilla tea in the morning
afternoon excursions to the farmer's market
open windows letting in 
spring air
 photo GabbysLetters-8.jpg

projects // 
heart doilies
cloud mobile
cluster shawl
this embroidery hoop
brown paper parcels tied up in twine

inspired by // 
art journals
this lovely post  

words //
and all these
 photo FebruarysOverture-2-2.jpg
between stifling the dire urge of throwing my geometry book out the window, mourning over reichenbach {not to mention recovering from downton abbey}, frantically finishing up some late-valentine inspired lovelies for a dear friend I am to see next week {finally, spending time in the company with someone who understands [aka started] my insanity}, preparing for a spring vacation trip to OC, scribbling down all my scattered thoughts in my journal at the end of the day, shipping a brown paper package for this pretty lady's sweet sixteen, feeling an overwhelming dose of wanderlust, preparing to audition for a play, dreaming/brainstorming summertime adventures, and drinking numerous cups of vanilla tea to keep relatively sane amidst it all...life has proven to be quite good. new and exciting opportunities are glinting on the horizon and although I am a bit reluctant to spread my wings, one only has this crazy messy life to live. so the only question which remains is...why not?

what have you been up to, lovely? 
xx | the girl in the springtide garden. 


  1. this is so lovely, Grace. :) so so lovely. these pictures make me want to come and visit you and see your blossoming spring garden. :) (and see YOU of course!) love this, m'dear. so very beautiful. :)

    xx | Mikailah

  2. Our lives sound very similar at the moment :) endless things to do and all of it (OK most of it) awesome. Btw, I love that last picture, beautiful.

  3. Your photos are gorgeous, dear! I enjoyed reading what you have been up to lately. Your posts always make me happy, although that is not quite the word for it.


  4. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful :) The light in the last one is so incredible :)

  5. i loved looking up those words in the dictionary. it's so nice to learn new things. your photos are amazing! :)