Jan 29, 2013

on characters|eponine.

a trace of beauty still lingered in the sixteen year old face like pale sunlight fading beneath the massed clouds of a winter's dawn...

a little fall of rain, can hardly hurt me now. a breath away from where you are and I've come home from so far...

i love him, but everyday i'm learning all my life i've only been pretending. without me, his world will go on turning, a world that's full of happiness that i have never known. i love him. I love him. i love him, but only on. my. own...  

so. if you are a follower of my pinterest, you may have been able to discern from the sudden explosion of pins flooding your feed last month {currently it has been invaded by Sherlock, but that's a whole 'nother post entirely} that I am somewhat of a - em - recent Les Miserables fanatic. *cough 'understatement' cough* more specifically, I seem to have nurtured a fond admiration {*cough, 'other understatement' cough*} for the poor heroine eponine - to the point of which, I sing all the lyrics word perfect of "on my own" even half-mindedly; and it is a fact "a little fall of rain" shortly comes thereafter. oh, yes! I take great pride in that. if not singing in my horribly cracked voice, at least, humming {I may have driven my cat and mother into insanity because of my incessant humming, but the Brits have driven me into a horribly unstable emotional state of being first, with all these heart-wrenching dramas they have been producing!!! sorry, off topic}. but hey! I'm not a onedirection fan, so might as well sing something at the top of my lungs at my poor family's expense, right?! rather sad heroine to fall in love with, but there is something captivating of eponine's story {not to mention samantha bark's incredible voice}.

I have always gravitated towards the good female character that always receives her "happily-ever-after" and rides into the sunset with prince charming. still do. in fact a few months ago, knowing little about the story, cosette was my favorite character before I completely immersed myself into the world of Les Miserables. although when I "met" eponine for the first time, there was some genuine sadness that I could completely and utterly relate. though pity is always the first feeling when I see the poor creature in her tangled hair and rags, the loneliness and the love - the self-sacraficing love- she holds in her small heart for Marius always stirs my heart. and usually results in feeling a 'little fall of rain' slipping down my cheek, thinking about it. {*sniff, sniff* there I go again.} because, I can relate. 'suppose now it is time to admit, I have had fond admirations for certain gentlemen {more on my actually being a real human being blogger coming in next month's posts} in the past. of course nothing as extreme as eponine's affection for marius, but I know how it feels to be ignored. half agony. half hope. and 'tis truly one of the hardest feelings in the world to nurture within one's heart. but eponine receives her own happily ever after by "sleeping in your [Marius'] embrace at last." and despite the flood of tears gushing down my face in the movie theatre, I was so very happy. so very happy indeed.

now, 'tis time to ask you. who do you like most: cosette or eponine?
the girl in the garden.

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  1. oh I don't think I could pick a favorite, so like Nela said: both :)
    and all the Sherlock pins you have been pinning have been making me so happy:) I do enjoy seeing them all (being a Sherlock fan myself:)

  2. Sniff. Eponine. In fact, I so love her I want to name a daughter after her. My heart absolutely breaks for her (though fictional) tears and heartbreak and heroism.

  3. I'm currently reading Les Miserables, and hope to see the movie after finishing the book. I'm enjoying the story immensely and have turned into a rather nerdy quote-junkie scribbling down in my little book journal {yes, I have one, I'm a book-nerd, what can I say?} writing several quotes from the story, making it take all the longer to read due to a constant stopping and writing down of the quotes.... :D Anyone who is addicted to the movie MUST read the book! It's SO worth the time commitment and such a masterfully written story that captures the heart and leaves a lasting impression!
    So far I'm still in Book One {out of 5} so I'd have to go with Cosette at this moment since I'm in the part where she is left with the new family {shame on them for their treatment to her!!!} and Fantine leaves her. *Sniff* I guess I pity her poor situation and have a part of my heart that aches for her, so I'm her side. But I've not really gotten to know Eponine very well, quite yet, as she hasn't really played a large part in the story yet, so I might change my mind after finishing the book, and getting to know her better. :)
    Thank you so much, for the lovely post! I'd love to see more on Les Miserables in the future!
    www.giveawaysofblessing.blogspot.com P.S. I'm giving away a Sense and Sensibility mini-jounral on my blog, and since you so dearly love all things old-fashioned, I thought you might like to know about it. :) Have a wonderfully blessed day, m'dear!

  4. Ohmygoodness yes! I love Eponine. For my chorus final last semester, I sang "On My Own". I am so glad that someone else prefers her over Cosette. Eponine has loved Marius for so long without him returning her love, only to have Cosette, a perfect stranger, gets in the way.

    Thank you so much for this post, dear! As a Les Mis fan myself, I am always glad to see the opinions and gushings of my fellow admirers.


    p.s. I sing On My Own without realizing it sometimes, as well. *smile*

  5. Oh, I love Eponine so much. She is definitely my favorite between her and Cosette. I feel like it seems like she loves Marius so much more. She is self-sacrificing, loving, loyal...and I really believe she is the one he should've ended up with.

  6. Eponine stole my heart throughout the entire film of Les Mis. I have not read the book or seen the musical, but her story tore through me and left me breathless. By far, she was the most grounding and touching character of the whole tale.

  7. umm I love this song... so I had to point out the: without him, his world will go on turning. Isn't it meant to be: without me, his world...? Sorry if I'm wrong but I love that song and I love her. And I've only seen the musical London version

    1. oh, no, it is. I love the song too and I wrote this at like midnight. :P thanks for pointing that out. ;) fixing it right now...

  8. Oh! Grace how beautiful! I saw this movie and hoped you would post about it! Within two days of buying the soundtrack, I had On My Own perfectly memorized (I think I have them all memorized now...). I was SO disappointed when A Little Fall of Rain wasn't on it :(. But as for Cosette or Eponine, I don't know. I love Cosette's purity and I think my favorite part of the movie is when Marius sees her for the first time. But typically my favorite person in a story is the selfless heroine. Hmmmmm... I think I have to say Cosette. I love how she completely changes Jean Valjean (my mom's favorite song is Suddenly). But I am glad to see that someone else cries at A Little Fall of Rain... nobody I went with cried at that part (but I think I may have cried theough the whole movie:))

  9. My mom likes her too:) I like her as well, especially her name~

  10. Oh, this is beautiful... I haven't seen the movie, but I've heard the music is lovely.