Jan 25, 2013

over the hill.

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I live in a little glen that is nestled between three knolls where quail and deer and squirrels alike gather in the brambles for friendly conversations and oak dryads lean down only when their boughs are heavy with secrets. there is but one street, merely a lane, cracked and broken with years of age that twists into our little sanctuary of trees. outside of my little glen is a town of only 30,000 people with half as many visitors to tour our wineries. we are a community and simple living is our way of life. our neighbors are old friends, and I can judge the days and times by the snippets of our neighbor's routine :: like when our neighbor's truck leaves for work in the mornings or I know 'tis saturday if my neighbors are cleaning their cars. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else in the world nor should I ever want to.   
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but then sometimes, I feel like nothing from the outer world can ever touch our little glen. seasons barely make their appearances and most first-time callers become lost before ever reaching our doorstep. isolation makes my heart swell with loneliness. I open the window, for once ignoring the cold, as I dream what wonders lie outside our quiet hollow. my heart beats longingly as it attempts to catch the solemn notes from the thundering ocean - that I like to imagine lies over the hill and not miles away.      
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but this is where I call home. and home shall forever be my heart remains...

get over your hill and see what you can find there with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair...

{mumford and sons}

where does your heart call home, deary? 
the girl in her garden glen. 
postscript :: how do you like the new design? dear miss bethany of grace of my redeemer kindly {and patiently} re-designed it for me. 


  1. Oh darling, this made my eyes mist, as I am soon leaving my home of 17+ years for another. But as I've said before, home is a feeling, not a place; and wherever that feeling is, there I will be.

  2. ahh, i love the new header, grace! your words, as always, are lovely. x

  3. this is so lovely, dear! the words, the photos, are so nostalgic and sweet, yet with a tint of the loneliness you spoke of. :) my heart has many places it calls home. here in Arizona (where I've lived since I was 3.), and yet my heart always clings to Ohio--where I was born, and where the life-style i love is lived everyday. :) ah, the heart clings to so many different places, doesn't it?


    p.s. the new design is simply lovely, dear! ;) so, so lovely. ::hug::

  4. Made me miss my childhood home, your glen looks like a place worth visiting:)

  5. love the new design. great post, and lovely photos as usual. :)


  6. hello deary,

    just stopping by to say how much I love . . . well, how much I love just stopping by! thank you so much for blessing so many people with your authenticity and true beauty. ;) I know you bless every person who get's a glimpse into your life through your little garden here.

    keep up the lovely work, dearest.

    love the new design!

    love always,
    -- your old fashioned girl <3

  7. oh this is lovely and love the new design!!

  8. I came back to see if you had published my comment, and to be honest with you, I'm glad you didn't. I should not have written such nasty things. I was having a bad day, tho that's no excuse. While your blog isn't my cup of tea, you seem to have people who do. I'm sorry. I judge too fast it seems, I won't bother you again.

    1. You know, that means a lot to me, thank you so much! I've gotten a lot of anonymous comments in my blogging experience, and you are the first to come back and smooth it over. I hope that you find some other blogs that really encourage you! And do know that my garden gate is always open to you, if you aren't too overwhelmed by my constant "dears" and other girlish nonsense. ;)


  9. Lovely new design, dear grace. It is simply adorable. Your home sounds darling as well... a quiet glen nestled away, springing with beauty and tranquility. My home is a place of salty breezes, summer days in January, Spanish moss and gigantic oaks. A place where palmettos abound and the sun shine bright... isn't it so delightful to sit and praise the Lord for His gifts of grace in our lives? Our homes are indeed a treasure. ;)


  10. This is so beautiful, Grace! It makes me want to come and see this little place you call home. Maybe I ought to come before we move into that little cottage of ours, right?
    Love you!

  11. Lovely! I can't see the new design cuz I'm on my Android, but I bet it's gorgeous!

  12. This post is so sweet, Grace! I enjoyed reading your description of where you live.

    I oohed and aahed as soon as I opened your blog. Your new design is simply lovely.


  13. new design!!! gahhhhhh.....<3 love it...