Jan 17, 2013

sigh no more, darling // this is the future and it's time for you to shine

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>> blogging. focus on the good, soak up the lovely inspiration you amazing lovelies out there produce, take the most perfect picture to be noticed the most often like "insert popular girl's blog," and say the wittiest most remarkable words to be heard the loudest. easy? right, right? wrong. only now  - what am I saying, I have realize all this time, deep down, that I've been living a perfect dream all this time, or at least scared to for fear of failing. actually scratch that, I've lost the focus I had when I first started this little online garden: to make it a community. give this girl a DSLR camera and Lightroom and boom! she has visions of blogger fame while being the "hipster" artist, placing her mark on the world, finding her voice - only to loose the focus on the voice that really mattered. but not now. because this - this is the future. no more waiting in the dark. no more tossing and turning wondering what I'm doing wrong. no more trying to copy another. no more chasing after a voice that's already mine. because this is the time to shine. 

why hold back? you are only given one life to live, why not live it to the craziest, loveliest, fullest life any soul could ever live, even if it's not written down, photographed, or noticed. not be noticed? absurd, you will because this is your time to shine, darling.  
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hi there, love! I'm grace! yes, I'm a dork.....able. I also love MARVEL {back off, Thor is MINE!} wear glasses but I've switched to contacts {there's a whole list of them in my Gmail account if you should care to look at them and be a perfect love by organizing them all - yes, I have that many friends}, swoon when I walk into an antique shop, hate my braces but am not in a hurry to get them off, sing les miserables at the top of my lungs when no one's around {although my voice cracks terribly}, love my cat to the point where I'm sure I terrify the poor creature, am obsessed over Person of Interest {John Reese is the epitome of awesome}, love everything disneyland, has lightroom but no idea how to use it yet, say too much, live a historical, fantasy by reenacting, crafts as easily as breathing, and I drink tea to keep myself relatively sane amidst it all {and writes it all down in run-on paragraphs that hardly make sense}. 

I've said it before, and I will say it again : it's luverly to meet ya, darling! life's just a crazy mess, so sit down for a cup o' vanilla tea for a rest, why dontcha? {and maybe catch a breath of an early spring.} 

*special thanks to firmoo for the free pair of glasses to review. although the sample they sent me are a bit big for my face, it was fun trying on a pair of nerdy cuteness and wonderful to work with the friendly service. the glasses themselves are very light {great for people who get headaches easily} and the quality is very good. lovely to find a glasses case, cleaner cloth, and mini screwdriver that were sent along with the sample. ;) thanks, firmoo
what's one crazy thing that people don't know about you? do tell!  
the girl in the garden. 
postscript :: a bit of sprucing up of my garden is coming soon, darling. *wink* 


  1. You, my dear kindred nerd, are SO adorable! Really. Those glasses? They look perfect on you. You have such a lovely way of effortlessly writing something solemn and making it witty and hilarious. Write a book, 'kay darling?

    On crazy thing you don't know about me... I blush so easily I think that most people think it's my natural state of being. *grins*

    Love n' you to the moon!

  2. I'm sorry, but I already got dibs on Thor;)

  3. One crazy thing no one know about me??.....hmm....
    I write love songs... and I play guitar and sing... Only my best friend knows, and she says I'm the next Taylor Swift. I write Christian love songs.. And that's what no one knows about me... Except my best friend... ;)

    Grace, I just want to thankyou for all the loving kind comments you send my way. Your a gem my dear, and I appreciate you :)

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  4. i was fully emerged into this post at first sight and am still inside this post screaming out, this is me! i am the girl who is afraid of people not liking me for who i am. i am the girl that takes other people's posts and write them down in my own words. i am also the girl who is a stupid, animaniac (yes, i'm yakko, wakko, and dot COMBINED, baby!) saved through the love of the one true GOD, my King. i am also the girl who is not afraid anymore to show my true colors (which btw, are turquoise, lime green, and the beach. lol), because of your gift of beautiful words. it is an amazing power that the LORD has given you. so i simply say, Amen, Grace. xoxo || [ Meena ]

  5. Oh, this is lovely, Grace, dear! I *love* your glasses! They are very charming, and a wee bit (but not too much) dorky. ;) And it was lovely to get to know a bit more about you, darling!

    Hmm, one crazy thing people don't know about me? Well, one, I'm 6 feet tall. ;) And I can't think of many things people don't know about me... not really. I'll probably thing of something as soon as I publish this. Ah, me. ;)

    So, so lovely, dear. ♥


  6. gaaaahh. i love this SOO much, grace! one crazy thing about me? maybe that I can do the splits in both legs and box splits... :)

    xxx acacia

    ps what font did you used for 'work for a cause'?

  7. One thing you might not know about me is that I called first dibs on Thor first! He he. :) Another thing you might not know about me is that currently I'm reading Les Miserables and throughly enjoying it! I want to see the movie now that I'm reading the book!!

    Such a lovely post, dear! You are truely blessed beyond measure with your breath-taking ability with words. How do you do it? I always enjoy reading your posts and whole heartedly agree with Gabby, you should totally write a book! Seriously!!

    May the Lord shower your day with many blessings, and an extra dash of sparkles! :)

    1. Well, I suppose I will have to take Captain America. Johanna has dibs on Peter Parker {which is FINE by me} and my other good friend loves Iron Man and her sister, well you're going to fight her and Savanna for Thor...so I'll just stick with good o'le Cap. and secretly admire Thor from afar. *smile*
      thanks for the note, dear friend!
      love ya!

  8. My family and love watching Person of Interest too!! My brother started calling him "Mr. Reese" the last few weeks, because of his prison uniform. I can't believe they played a rerun last night...we've been waiting all week to find out what happened to him and Agent Carter!

    Some crazy things that a lot of people don't know is: that I'm the oldest of 12 kids, a homeschool graduate, and all I want to be "when I grow up" is a wife and mommy. =)

    1. I call him, "Mr. Reese" as well even though Carter and Mr. Finch {<<I call Harold that too ;)} call him "John," and of course Fusco calls him "the Bane of my existence." :D It's so well done, I don't see how people CAN'T get addicted to it. I think they are playing reruns because that was the end of the season {WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO POOR MR. REESE?!} Oh, and you should come to San Diego during July of this year...I'm sure Person of Interest will be running a booth {with all the actors} at this years Comic Con. ;)
      thanks for leaving the comment, luv!

    2. I don't think I'll be able to make that trip...it would be fun though. Jim Caviezel is actor, isn't he? Although, I have been to San Diego the last 2 yrs, in February. I went as a nanny for a family the was attending a Pastors' Conference, that a local church hosted. Hey, that another crazy thing people don't know about me!!


  9. Mmm, yes. Tea really does keep one sane...I got sooo much for Christmas. My friends know me well. *smile*.
    I, too, often talk to much a sing Les Mis, but I sing it sometimes when people are around. They don't always appreciate it, but now all of my family recognizes the songs when I just hum them.
    Hmm....something that people really don't know about me...I have this thing for popcorn. I can eat it all.day.long.


  10. I love this post!

    One crazy thing about me? Well, I like walking around on my pointe shoes better than I like walking in high heels!

    1. That's awesome!!! I took ballet for about three months a few years ago, and I always dreamed of being able to dance on point....apparently that's not going to happen anytime soon, but I can still be in love with ballet. ;)