Jan 7, 2013

in which trees became strangers and the dust collector, a friend.

heaven knows I could really use a friend. i'd rather waltz than just walk through the forest, trees keep the tempo and they swing in time. quartet of crickets join in for the chorus. if I were to pluck on your heartstrings, would you strum on mine?
i've been longing for, daisies to push through the floor, and i wish that plant life would grow all around me so i won't feel dead anymore
so I won't feel dead in anymore. 
'tis quiet now. christmas has swept its cheer through the house and left pieces behind for us to pick up and reminisce over. the old pine was packed away last weekend along with all its sentimental trifles - the process seemed harder than it was when we put everything up at the beginning of the season. the icicle lights that used to swing happily outside my window have been packed away as well, but I have refused to fold away the string of lights in my room - heaven knows, we can always use a bit of cheer during the depths of wintertime. it was a merry little christmas. quiet and cozy. no fuss but every ounce as special. perhaps, christmas is becoming more and more special as I grow older as I am beginning to make myself realize that not every one in my close future will be spent within the four walls I call home. new years, too, was just as cozy, spent with "by the side" of my faraway friend and welcomed with a toast of sparkling pomegranate cider. 

I can't really put into words how I've been feeling these past few weeks. weariness would not be a fitting description, though much of that has been warded off with multiple cups of tea. my emotions seem to reflect the brumous skies that have been threatening the peace of our little glen, as my teary eyes linger amid the verdure now turning a dull brown. beyond my portal, stubborn autumnal leaves have finally found their resting place as they bury the october sunbeams that once shined on them. my cheery autumn thoughts are buried with them. "so just grin and bear it awhile..." dreams which seemed so firm, so right at the time, have now shattered as easily as glass before my eyes. with my blurred vision, I try to gather the shards to no avail. it has been hard to pick up the pieces and start afresh in this new year, having naught a thought of what to do nor where to go. the trees have become strangers to my lonely soul as the wind combs through their desolate silhouettes. and I've only been left with dust collectors as companions with their open leafs, eager to catch my broken wintry ink spots and bitter-tasting tears...
 -the girl in the garden. 
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  1. Absolutely beautiful words. *teary-eyed*

  2. Poor thing. I haven't caught the winter gloom that seems to be going around. I'm too busy hoping for snow and dreading the start of another semester. But it's my last, and on 7 hours of classes, so I am actually quite pleased. I hope you find peace though, and things to occupy your time.

  3. Winter is always so gloomy after Christmas, I know, but hang in there m'dear! Curl up with some tea and be expecting a postcard, 'kay? And hey, if you are looking for something to REALLY cheer you up, you can always Letters to Juliet- which by the way, me and my mum and sister watched since you praised it so highly. Gosh, even Daddy watched it and started to quote from it. Can you imagine?

    Dearheart, you bring so much joy to everyone- all the way to Louisiana and back. I hope your day is really really pleasant.
    Love you to you know where and all the way back, back and forth until it is too many times to count and then some.

  4. your words make my heart beat a little faster and your photos make my soul swoon. grace, you own a beautiful soul; honestly, you do.

    xx acacia

  5. Excellent job describing the after-Christmas dulldrums, dear. I absolutely love your writing style. <3


  6. uhm so your words... they're incredible. really. xx | Natalia.

  7. gee, way to make me cry. so beautifully written and heartfelt and sorrowful and i love it dearly.

  8. It feels like the Christmas season just flew by now that I look back on it. I do miss it a little, I guess I'll just have to wait for next year! :) I like that you kept the lights in your room. :)

  9. You are a wonderful writer, Grace. We bear the same name!

  10. i know what you mean about January. it's always sort of a dreary month. your writing and photos are lovely, as usual. :)


    p.s. just thought I'd let you know that if you want to follow my work you can go to my flickr (http://www.flickr.com/carliphotography/) or my tumblr (http://carolynmarshall.tumblr.com/), as I'm not updating blog any more.

  11. You are such a darling. Thank you for your kind words. I hope colour returns to your world soon dearest Grace.