Sep 15, 2011

your questions, my answers {{part i}}

finally, I have been able to sit down and answer your wonderful questions ::

Bekah said... 
~Have you ever read a book that has changed your life? What book was it?

~ Do you ever dream about being rich and famous?

{I'm not sure if you've answered these for me before, but if you have, I forget ;)}

dear, miss bekah ::
  as of yet, no I have not stumbled upon a book that has completely changed my life. yes, there is indeed the Bible but a novel, no. when/if I do though, I will be sure to let you know immediately. :)

yes, I have dreamed of being rich and famous {mostly rich, but haven't we all? :)}. I dream of having a handsome house{s} and taking sewing, ballet, harp, and language art classes, hosting Regency balls and inviting all of my lovely blogging friends {for if I were very rich I could fly all of you to my house, and I would have billions of rooms to have you stay in}. the house would have gardens filled with roses and herbs and little nooks and crannies to be discovered. a fanciful thought, yes, but a girl can dream right? :)

Miss Rachel Lauren said... 
My question is: Do you plan on being a homemaker and stay at home mother, instead of going to college and getting a job? My plan is to me a mother and wife someday, but I would also like to follow God's plan for me!

dear miss rachel ::

      you don't know how much I have been asked this question. now in my sophomore year of highschool, the topic and thought of going to college have been brought up more than once. 
yes, I do feel a certain calling to go to college, although I could never imagine leaving my dear parents. do you want to know a secret? there is a certain college of which my current homeschooling curriculum {A Beka} is based called Pensecola Christian Academy where I want to attend but is based in Florida. well, the rates they give for a full four years of education is just too good to pass, and my parents are thinking of while I'm attending the college they will rent a condo for two months at a time so I will not be so homesick. this is all just a thought, not a plan, though. :) But it's all in God's hands.  
concerning a job, I feel that the highest calling for a Christian woman is to be a homemaker and wife to her husband and family. doesn't mean that I disagree about having a job before marriage, I just do not see it possible anymore that a woman can raise her children while balancing a job {then of course there are certain situations that might lead her to have to take up a job}. 

Eden McKoy said... 
On your "about me" page you said you have always wanted to travel to Europe. What about Europe makes you want to travel there?? And if you did get the chance to go what would be the one thing you would want to do?

dear miss eden :: 

well, I have always been quite fascinated about history and the ways of eras long gone by. I read a lot about France, Italy, Germany, and England and I would love to experience the historic ruins there, walk down cobble streets of Italy, explore castles in Germany and Austria, walk down the Hall of Mirrors in King Louis' XIV Palace of Versailles. 

Acacia said... 
Here are my questions! ::
What is you favorite and least favorite subject in school?
Do you have a favorite piece of music?
dear miss acacia :: 

my favorite subject in school thus far is Spanish 1 and World History. my least favorite? english, just because of my video teacher...just because she's not really appealing to me and biology. 

my favorite piece of classical music {that I can play} is Concerto for Two Violins by Bach :: 

I shall answer the last three soon. 


  1. Wonderful post Miss Grace! I enjoyed reading your answers! Thanks for posting!

  2. Hi Grace,
    I enjoyed reading this post. :)

    I was wondering, did you get my letter? I had sent it in August and wanted to make sure you got it. :)

    I hope you are having a great week!

  3. @Hannah
    Hello, Hannah ::

    Yes, I did get your sweet letter! I am SO SO SO sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I'm working on your letter right now and should finish it tonight.

    Much love,

  4. Hi Grace! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway!! I had found your blog a few weeks ago during the photo contest and giveaway held by (i think) little somethings. Your photography is beautiful! I am currently saving up for a Nikon d3100. So it was great to see what the image quality looked like!

    I just adore the name f your blog! Simply lovely!!


  5. P.S. I just remembered it was actually the flip flop farm girl. lol!

  6. Hi Grace,

    Thanks for this post. It was so interesting. That piece is so beautiful.

  7. I really enjoyed this post!!! You should do another post where we can ask questions...and I shall do one on my blog sometime! ;)