Sep 16, 2011

be still.

life is filled with busyness. friday at last! to-day, I have been frantically trying to finish all my homework assignments thinking of the blissful thought of the weekend that has been driving me forward this whole week. oh, what shall I accomplish on my agenda? 

knitting. lettering writing. baking. blogging. card making. birthday present brain-storming. etsy browsing. pinterest pinning. photograph editing. skyping? tutorial hunting.  spanish speaking. french translating. e-mail writing {more like apology writing :)}. inspiration board making. facebook updating. more knitting.     

but then it hit me when I had a chance to catch my breath {in the shower of course :)}.

be still. there is a healer whose love is deeper than the sea
be still. 
just be still? but, but - 

for you see, I was too busy being - well busy - to take a moment of my time and just to BE STILL and acknowledge that the Lord I serve is GOD

He is mighty, holy, awesome, wonderful, and is worthy to be praised. 
so take a little time, even a few minutes, to acknowledge that the Lord whom we serve is God. 

as a dear friend says, "keep looking up because He's looking down." :) {{love you, bethany! :)}}
love in Him,
*disclaimer. images are via pinterest


  1. Just ran across your blog and love it. :) Sometimes we just need reminded that the Almighty God indeed loves us and is caring for us. Thanks.

  2. Such a lovely post, dearest Grace!
    We should always take a little time to just give thanks to the one who made us...=) Thank you for the wonderful reminder!!!!
    Have a lovely day.

  3. That is why I go walking... it's my "be still" time... that is why I make sure to set aside a minimum of 15 minutes each morning just to read the Bible... things like that are "be still" moments... :)

  4. Thank you SO much for this reminder, Grace! I have had so much to do lately that this reminder is a good thing for me to remember. I need to remember to slow down and just STOP. Thanks again!

  5. You are very much right dear Goose! I too find myself to busy to simply sit back and laugh and watch life go on. Thanks for sharing dearie!

  6. Hey Grace, I have SEVERAL giveways going on at my blog, I would love it if you could check it out:)

    In Christ,

  7. Just stumbled across your blog, and also noticed that you write on a blog entitled "one stitch at a time". What a coincidence, I write at "a stitch in time"! :) have a lovely week.