Sep 16, 2011

product reviews

I've been blessed, by so many people. people I don't even know! people from across the states, and half way around the globe.

their simple kindness warms my heart. 

words cannot express how thankful I am to those who have generously sent me a little something from their etsy shop either through a giveaway or through a product review.

yesterday, I received this beautiful wristlet from Sweet Pea Totes ::

it was such a blessing to work with Mary, the etsy shop owner! she sweetly sponsored my garden last month, but also said she would like to send me a wristlet or clutch from her shop.

the shipping was incredibly fast. I only had to wait about two days! so if you want a well-crafted gift with fast shipping, I highly suggest that you order from Sweet Pea Totes. Mary sells beautiful, high-quality products that are both well-made and very stylish. Daddy commented that they could be sold at Macy's. :)

not only did Mary send me this beautiful wristlet, but she also included a lovely, vintage handkerchief...

lovely, no? it really touched my heart that she specially sent me this just because she knew I collected them!

it now hangs from my bookshelf as I type!
special, special heart-felt thanks to Mary for sweetly sending me both the beautiful wristlet and vintage handkerchief. may the Lord immensely bless you and your shop.

Jana from shattered princess sent me a beautiful lavender sachet which also graces my desk...
 {{note :: not my photograph}}

Christina from the olive tree boutique also sent me a beautiful hair clip...

and Romi from willows and whispers all the way from australia sent me five whimsical prints from her shop which now hang in the corner of my room...

so many lovely things, so many lovely people! this post is dedicated to all of you who have sponsored my blog and sent me a giveaway prize! thank you so much! you are amazing, generous, sweet, awesome people. :) 

I am not paid to do these reviews. writings are all my own thoughts.


  1. Lovely items Grace! So sweet and pretty!

    Blessings on your walk!

  2. Those items are so pretty! I love them! Those donors were very generous. :)

  3. That's so wonderful! Etsy's community is filled with amazing people, that's for sure! :)

  4. That is a gorgeous wristlet! T'is nice to receive fun goodies in the mail, is is not? Makes me feel special and loved :)

  5. You are blessed...good for you.... :D

  6. What lovely items!

    <3 Moriah

    P.S. I saw under your 'garden chronicle' that your birthday will be next month and you will be turning 15. My birthday is next month on the 24th and I will be turning 15 as well! :)