Sep 27, 2011

a cloudy day...

...brings the perfect lighting for a photographer.

with autumn's arrival, we have been experiencing a bit of cloudy weather as of late, which I haven't been minding at 'tall. just another step to a beautiful autumn season.

clouds bring rain and thunder. quilts and firesides. knitting and tea. movies and books. soups and muffins.
 so many lovely things to enjoy. but also wonderful lighting for photographs. hard to believe, but quite true...

what do cloudy days bring for you?

postscript :: be sure to check out my dear friend Johanna's "whispers of autumn"!

p.s.s "in focus photography" is my new watermark. 


  1. Cloudy days really are some of the best days to take pictures! And your pictures are so lovely!!
    Oh, and I have been enjoying Miss Johanna's Autumn Frolic. :)

  2. Lovely job on the photography, Grace! You are very talented! :) Yup, cloudy days are definitely the BEST for photography shoots of any kind! :)

    I hope you plan on entering my Autumn Glory photography contest! You can check out the details here:

  3. Your pictures are so beautiful!!! :)

  4. Wow. I'm not a photographer, but I SO appreciate your work! I like cloudy days just for a break from the Vegas sun!

  5. Your photos were lovely {as usual} dearest! I woke up to a morning where one couldn't see a hint of blue in the sky. All whites and grays in the heavens today!