Sep 12, 2011

dreaming of autumn...

as the days become shorter, the nights longer, the air thinner, the wind cooler - life takes a turn in routine. time is shorter, as sweet summer whispers goodbye and autumn cloaks the world with her colors...

my mind is swirling with the charms of autumn - vivid colors of crimson, auburn, burnt oranges, crisp yellows, cinnamon browns - hands full of smooth needles and woolly yarn, kitchen filled with warmth from the oven, scents lingering throughout the house, open windows letting in cool breezes, and I cannot wait until October's arrival.

so many happy events are to take place in October including plenty of birthdays to celebrate, one of our community's annual reenactments, my niece is coming to stay for a week, and autumn's official homecoming. summer is loverly and one of my favorite seasons, but I am looking forward to fall.

fuzzy uggs, knitted socks, fresh apple cider, the pungent scent of pumpkins, hayrides, afternoons sitting under the falling leaves, comfy blankets, fingerless gloves - what do you love about autumn?

Postscript :: can any of you {the ones who do not know} guess my birthday? :) hint :: two digits, and this year lands on a Tuesday 


  1. I am excited for the weather to cool down so I can actually wear sweaters. :) I am excited to get back into knitting more, bake, activities starting up again, the holiday season approaching, leaves turning colors, and my birthday. :)

  2. Some of my favorite things about fall-- the clothing, colors, crisp air, cool weather. LEAVES! :)


  3. Ah, yes! I'm looking forward to wearing sweaters again too! I've been kind of knitting all summer, so as far as that goes, I'm just looking forward to doing under a blanket!

    I mostly agree with everything you said!

  4. I LOVE the autumn. I have nestalga of it every time I walk outside :] I just recently updated my blog for the autumn:

  5. beautifully said grace, I love autumn its one of my favorite seasons for all the reasons you just wrote about. those reenactments sound neat, cant wait to hear you blog about it.
    Rachel Hope.

  6. I love fall! It's my favorite season! I like the coziness of the days, sweaters, baking sweets, the changing leaves, and just family time!
    In Christ,

  7. That second picture is so gorgeous!

    And fall is miserable for me cause of allergies~ it's the worst time of year.

    But my birthday is in fall, and Christmas comes after fall, so that cheers me a wee bit. ;)