Sep 4, 2011

my little trip to san diego {{part i}}

{the view from our window @ Embassy Suites}

Since I was a little girl, my parents have taken me to San Diego, but it was not until this year I was able to "re-awaken" the memories that had been made there so long ago. 

Unfortunately, I have not yet become comfortable taking my camera everywhere, therefore the first two days I did not capture any pictures, so I will write a brief synopsis instead :: 

first three...Padre's baseball game. 

After being stuck in four hour traffic from Calabassas, LA {we stopped to rest the night} to San Diego the next day, it was good to be finally settled in. On Sunday, we attended a Padre's baseball game one of the highlights of the trip. My mom had purchased the tickets months in advance and was excited to find out we would be attending the game that was hosting the retirement service for one of the team's famous pitchers :: Trevor Hoffman. It was a fun game, with the exception of boring parts in the middle :P {can you tell I'm not much of a baseball fan?}, and whilst mom and I purchased lunch, we {of course} missed a home run. Yes, I know. 

| day two...Sea World 

Last time I went to Sea World, I was blessed by the opportunity to join a program where one is able to interact with the dolphins. Now, I look back and that was nearly two - three years ago. My family and I had such a fun time watching the shows and riding on Atlantis. :)

| day three...Balboa Park

On day three, we explored the gardens and museums at Balboa Park. It was perfect weather and my favorite part was walking through the- well, I don't know quite frankly what the building's actual name is. :) "House of Plants" I suppose you could call it. 

We visited the photo arts museum, and stopped by the gift shop where I squealed when I spotted this mini vintage camera charm. I knew I just had to have it...

It's now on my camera case... *smile*

After we came back from the hotel, Mama declared that we should try a cute little cupcake shop that she had looked up on the internet {which was said to serve "heavenly cupcakes.} Mama and I have a little interest for baking cupcakes and needed inspiration, so we walked a few blocks and checked this place out. 

Turned out it was a "cupcake lounge." Beautiful cupcakes lined in perfect rows where displayed in perfectly polished glass cases. I was beginning to wonder if they were edible or art...

After a little conversation with the sweet woman who worked at the counter, she gave us her recommendations, and we settled down with our cupcakes. The frosting was oh-so-creamy, and the cake itself so moist. Definitely heavenly. :) 

day four...Old Town

On Wednesday, our last day in San Diego, Mama planned a trip for us to visit Old Town, a place where the old west meets Mexican culture. 

The sweetest part of our excursion was visiting the little, old-fashion candy store.  

Old fashion, red and white peppermint!  

:: to be continued :: 

thanks for reading! hope everyone is having a blessed Labor Day weekend!



  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. My family and I went to San Diego for a day, which was spent at Sea World. It was a lot of fun (we had slow traffic when we went too! :))

  2. Oh Grace! That is SO pretty! I love all your gorgeous photography (by the way, what do you edit with?), especially the peppermint candy one :-)

    It's good to see you back!

  3. Hi Grace, Thank you for sharing your trip to San Diego. Your pictures are beautiful and it feels like we are able to travel along with you. I think next time we come to the States and to California we should visit San Diego.
    Beaucoup d'amitiés from France, Ida

  4. Thank you all so much!

    @ Gabby :: I edit all my photographs with a SUPER simple photoshop, but I hope to upgrade someday with Lightroom 3. :)

    @ Ida :: Hello! It is so good to hear from you! I miss all of you and hope that you can come here soon for a visit. Much love! <3

    Grace, Author

  5. I am loving these pictures! :D

  6. Okay, one more question... That lovely peppermint candy picture- where or how did you get the other side red like that- is it on Picnik? I just have seen it on blogs like that and think it's adorable.

  7. @Gabby

    Actually, I have seen a lot of those photographs as of late around, and I decided to try my hand at it for the first time. :) I used Picnic collages. Then I just played around from there.

    Thank you so much ladies for the sweet comments! Love you all!

    Grace {{author}}

  8. Your pictures are so lovely! I enjoy looking at them. :) I gave you an award on my blog by the way. Check this out:


  9. You took some great pictures! I especially like the ones of the candy. ;)

  10. Sounds fun! Beautiful pictures Ms. Grace!
    (btw will you be answering the questions on your "ask me" post? I am excited to learn more about you :-) )