Sep 23, 2011

hullo autumn

There is a season when the birds fly. the breeze is chilled. the leaves swirl. the world changes color. 
 the trees bend. the fires blaze. the ovens warm. the air is filled with celebration and thanksgiving. 
my heart longs for that season which I hold so dear to my heart. 
welcome autumn!  
hullo, leaves swirling around me.

hullo, clouds of grey.

hullo, walks in a park, brick paths filled with leaves.

hullo, autumn fashion. {lots more fashion posts coming soon}

hullo, scarves and fingerless gloves.

hullo basket filled with yarn.

hullo, crisp breezes and firesides.

hullo, knit sweaters and fuzzy socks.

hullo, brown uggs. I've been waiting for you.

hullo apple orchards and fresh apple cider.

hullo reenactments.

hullo orange, crimson, and gold.
goodbye summer. hullo, autumn! 


  1. Beautiful post! It mad me want to pull on a sweater and drink pumpkin spice chai while I am wearing boots and my earmuff headband... :)

  2. hmmm...can i join you??? *smile* I love pumpkin and I love chai, so that's the perfect combination for an autumn's day.
    handmade scarf. check.
    fingerless gloves. check.
    earwarmer. check.
    cup with starbucks logo on it. "You know that's right." :)

    thanks for leaving the sweet comment, Libbi!
    Grace, author

  3. Hullo autumn! I'm so glad you've come my dear, it's a pity that you and summer couldn't stay and see more of each of other- sort of blend? But ahh, that's the beauty of you two, you are both different and unique.

    The summer of 2011, is forever gone. Hello auntumn! Stay for tea for a while will you?

  4. Lovely post! I am so excited for knitting-related things. :) I have already been knitting A LOT more than I did over the summer. Thanks for this lovely reminder of the great things about fall!

  5. Beautiful post! I LOVE autumn, and I'm so excited it's here! Loving the crisp coolness in the air and the tinge of color I'm starting to see on the trees. =)

  6. Aaaah! I love Autumn so much. It's my absolute favorite season -- just perfect.

  7. I love all the seasons - the flowers and new life of spring, the lazy beauty of summer, the crispness of all things autumn, the sparkling snow and Christmas in winter.

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