Aug 9, 2011

tutorial + sew and tell tuesday :: of lavender

If you know me well, you know that I am absolutely love all-things lavender. From the spicy scent, the vibrant purple color, the medicinal uses - everything, I am wholeheartedly in love. 

Every summer, when my lavender bushes bloom, I rise in the morn, and merrily clip away at the stalky stems, with their penetrating scent, while listening to the bees hum. *happy sigh* 

 It's a very romantic, and very old herb dating back to Roman times {as that's where the plant originates}, and if you are a fan of history, you will often hear of the uses during the Victorian and Elizabethan ages. 

For those who do not grow this lovely herb, if you are blessed with the opportunity of coming across a bundle of freshly picked lavender {usually sold at your local farmer's market [or even Trader Joes]}, I highly encourage you to purchase a bundle or two for crafts and pure enjoyment. 

There are so many different things you can do with lavender. One can dry the stalks and sew lavender sachets make potpourris, and pin cushions. {I've even heard of making heat pads!}And freshly picked stalks can simply be arranged on the table - the bouquet lasting for weeks. Here are a few craft tutorials I came across ::


{substitute for lavender oil and buds}

I've also heard of lavender blankets, lavender stuffed sheets {for sweet dreams}, lavender robes, lavender pillows! Anything is possible. You could even stuff a teddy bear or doll with lavender to make it smell lovely. 

{{last week's featured tutorial}}

I loved Gabby's "Knitter's Blue" post...

...and Bethany's tutorial

Alrighty, now it's time for this week's sew and tell! :) 
{Note :: the project you link up does not have to be sewn. It just has to relate to craftiness. :)} 


{one} post something you have made lately  
a tutorial made by you or one you would like to try in the future {remember to give proper credit}

you may post your pictures on blogger, facebook, flicker, etc. but remember to leave the direct link in your comment. {I could not view one of the entries because it was not linked up properly}

{two} link up your post at the bottom of this page. 

{three} make sure you include this post's link in your entry for other people to come back here and visit. 

{four} comment to let me know you linked up!

I will chose which tutorial{s} and post{s} I liked best next week along with more tutorials. 

Happy crafting!


  1. Thank you so much Grace for featuring my purse!


  2. P.S. " include this post's link in your entry for other people to come !bake! here and visit."
    Just wondering if you knew you put that?


  3. Oh, lol! Thanks Gabby for sparing my humiliation! :D

  4. Okay, I got my link up! Thanks for putting this up- it's a great idea.


  5. I love your lavender pictures. We have some in our garden, I really need to pay more attention to it... Also, your blog is the first one where I dont put my computer on mute because of the music...

  6. @Blue

    Aww, thank you so much! I have at times thought of taking it down, because it may be a distraction, but I receive many comments about how lovely the music is, I decided to keep it up. :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  7. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love all of the neat ideas you feature. Proverbs 16:24 is a really neat verse too!
    I added the link for Decor and Cute cards. Is it o.k. that I put two? If not, feel free to delete one. I was just having trouble deciding which I liked better. Sorry!
    And yes, the music is really pretty! I love listening to it!
    God Bless,

    Isaiah 43

  8. Lavender is my favorite!!! I plan to someday (hopefully soon) own a lavender farm here in Wisconsin!!