Aug 25, 2011

Planning a Garden Party {a guest post by Samantha}

Hello! I am thrilled to be a guest poster in Grace's beautiful garden! This is my first time at guest posting, and I am very excited to be able to share my ideas with you today.
 I am a lover of all things old-fashioned and lovely, including tea parties and garden parties. While I don't have the opportunity to host many tea or garden parties, I am always coming up with ideas for when I do have one.

~Hosting a Garden Party~
While summer may be coming to a close, it is not too late to host an end-of-summer garden party!
There are still many options for fresh flowers and foods, and you can use the late
summer color palette to inspire your decorations.
~Decorating the Table~

Since this is still a summer party, try to keep your decoration light and colorful, while
still adding in some late summer/early fall touches.
Some colors to use would be deep reds/crimson, yellow, darker greens, orange, etc.

Fresh flowers are a must! Try to get either wildflowers, or other late summer flowers,
like sunflowers, Queen Anne's lace, zinnias, etc.
You can gather in a bunch and tie them with a pretty ribbon....

...or gather a few flowers together and display them in a lovely vintage vase:

Name cards are always nice, and make your guests feel special.
You can keep them simple, or embellish them with artificial or paper flowers,
pretty stickers, etc.

Finish off your table setting with china dishes and teacups.
Don't worry if you don't have enough teacups for everyone- ask your guests
to bring along their favorite mug or teacup to the party, then while
 you are sipping tea you can swap stories about how they came into possession
of the cup, or why it is their favorite.

~Dainty Tea Treats~

What you serve will depend on the time of day. If you are hosting your party mid-morning, then consider
serving foods that include both breakfast and lunch options.
Ideas include fresh fruit, small pastries, muffins or scones, quiche, etc.
If you party is around lunch time or mid-afternoon, you may want to consider serving something
a little more filling, like sandwiches, fresh salads, etc.

Small tea sandwiches are always delicious, and very easy to make.
Simply slice the crust off of white or wheat bread, cut into rectangles, circles or
triangles, and fill with chicken salad, egg salad, ham salad, etc.
Make sure to mark each type of sandwich if you are serving multiply kinds, that
way your guests will be sure to get a sandwich they like.


Fresh fruit is always good, no matter what time of day you are having your party.
You can serve it in salad form, or on a skewer.
Choose fruits that are in season and fresh.

You can also serve miniature muffins, biscotti, or scones.
They are all appropriate for a tea, not matter what time of day.

~Sweets and Beverages~

Of course, you can't forget to include some sweets!
The sky is the limit when it comes to delicious treats to serve.
Just about any favorite recipe can be down-sized into a miniature
version of itself.
Pies and tarts can be made in miniature pans, puddings can be served in little serving
dishes, and even ice cream, sherbet or sorbet can be served, though in dainty portions.

Petite fours are usually a mainstay at many tea parties. You can decorate
the little cakes with icing, or embellish with sugar or fresh edible flowers.

An assortment of various tea cookies are also nice.
Keep the flavors light, though. Lemon, butter or vanilla
are three tasty options!

Keep your desserts light. Try to not include rich or heavy desserts.
If you would prefer to not serve sweet, sugary treats at your party,
fresh fruit with a little whipped cream is always a yummy and healthy option.

Whether you are planning a garden party or tea party, tea is always
an appropriate beverage. If possible, offer several different tea options to your
guests. You can serve a regular sun tea, then offer fresh peppermint tea
or a fruit-flavored tea. Even someone who doesn't like tea is sure
to find a flavor that suites them.

Along with tea you can serve water, lemonade (preferable pink!), and/or fruit juices.

~Setting the Mood~
Now that your table is decorated and the food is made, it is time to "set the mood"
for your party!
Put on some pretty music, light a sweet-smelling candle, and don your prettiest outfit (don't forget the hat and gloves!).

And most importantly......

Greet every guests with a smile and encouraging word!

( All pictures via pinterest)


Miss Samantha is an recent homeschool graduate who finds enjoyment in all things historical and old-fashioned. If she were a better seamstress, her closet would be filled with historical outfits!
Her other interests include reading, baking, spending time out-of-doors and being with friends.

She enjoys sharing her thoughts on her two blogs, Simple Delights & Sunshine.
One blog is devoted to sharing recipes, movie reviews from a Christian perspective, spiritual thoughts, etc., while the other blog is dedicated to her other interest, which is buying, selling and promoting handmade crafts.
Feel free to stop by and take a look!


  1. Hey!! Glad to see you guest posting on here. :)

    Thank you for the lovely tips and tricks for hosting a beautiful tea! (Ha, could I make up the excuse of coming to see you to learn some more?!?)

    It made me want to get out my things and do another tea party! :) They are such fun. :)

    Love ya! Sarah

  2. That was so beautiful! I <3 all those lovely pictures! Tea parties are SO much fun- it can get even more interesting when you invite little brothers...

  3. Such a cute post, Miss Samantha! Loved the little fruit kabobs!