Aug 15, 2011


be still and listen
listen as the wind ripples through the pines
be still and hear
the oak as it sighs
be still and know 
that tho' summer slips by 
a piece of it remains
in the quite hour.

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Why oh, summer must you go? The promise of freedom and vacations and the seaside and picnics and fresh fruit - all slipping away as the August heat covers my quiet town for the last few weeks.

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I can almost feel autumn. I can almost smell the crispness in the breeze, the baking of apple pies, the warmth of the kitchen, misty mornings, the trees bursting with colors, and the need for warm knit sweaters and scarves - so faint but closely approaching.

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And yet, when I sit upon my front doorstep and gaze upon the surroundings as the sun kisses the earth before slipping behind a hill, the memories over this past summer come back to me, and it feels as though a little piece of summer will remain in my heart.

what were your fondest memories over this summer?

Postscript :: how do you like the new look?  


  1. being with friends, going to a foreign country, getting to drive for the first time.

  2. Volunteering at a Christian Camp and spending time with my family while on vacation.
    Oh, and the first time I saw your new header I thought "Oh, my! I love it!"

  3. Lovely post.. Cute pictures!! :)
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