Aug 22, 2011

How a heroine would live many years ago {A guest post by Georgiana}

Hello, ladies!  I am very glad that Miss Grace has allowed me to 'tend her garden' while she's away.  At first I was unsure what to post, but two things from the list that Grace suggested we could do jumped out at me: historical and etiquette

Many of us dream about what it would be like to be a young lady of long ago.  Reading a much-valued classic brings us into the lives of the characters, but sometimes their way of life seems a little confusing, especially with books like Jane Austen's in the complicated Regency society. 
Just why did Marianne's writing to Willoughby make her sister think they were engaged?
Why did was Longbourn entailed and how did an entail work?
Why did Elizabeth's refusal to dance again with Mr. Collins make her unable to dance with anybody else?
Why was Lady Catherine de Bourgh so surprised that the younger Bennets were 'out' before the older ones were married? (And just what did 'out' mean?)

 All this and more is answered in The Jane Austen Handbook.  The intricacies of social life long ago, explanations on when the London 'season' was, and how a Regency lady would spend her day is explained in this lovely little book.
The first chapter is on 'How to Become an Accomplished Lady' and is followed with chapters on how to keep house, how to plan a dinner party, how to decline a proposal of marriage, (courteously, unless the man is not behaving like a gentleman do not follow Elizabeth's Bennet's example), how to buy clothes, and more.  Margaret Sullivan has a delightful writing style that makes you want to read it just for fun. 
This sweet little book is a must for all Austen enthusiasts, as well as everyone else who likes to read about history, etiquette and daily life many years ago.


About Miss Georgiana
I'm a reader, writer, artist, baker, musican, and, most importantly, a Christian.  When I'm not blogging or reading, I can generally be found writing novels, baking cookies, playing the organ or working on a sewing project.  I can really relate to Georgiana Darcy's shyness and love of music, and so my blog name is Miss Georgiana Darcy.


  1. I ADORE that book! But of course you know that, Miss Georgiana. I'm delighted that you reviewed it, too. :)


  2. I have been a huge fan of Margaret Sullivan's work and faithful follower of her popular blog, but somehow I've never gotten around to reading or owning this book!
    Thank you for reviewing it here Miss Georgiana, and for giving us a little more insight into it's contents!

    ~Miss Laurie :)

  3. I hope they have this book at my library!