Aug 21, 2011

5 ways to weed your garden {a guest post by Kiley}

Hi everyone! This is Kiley here from Click and Capture. Grace asked me to guest post on here mainly because she loved my photos! :] So, of course I said yes and I'm going to be talking about weeding your garden [aka, your life.] Enjoy!

Step 1] Drop that Attitude.
So, I have a major attitude problem. It has gotten better in the last year, if I do say so myself but I still need to work on it a lot. I snap at people really quickly and get irritated it little things my siblings do. I've found the best way to keep calm is to just breathe. I'm not even joking, just keep yourself in a happy mood, so basically, how ever YOU do that. Make yourself happy. :]

Step 2] Be selfless. 
Realize it's not all about you. Try to go into the day thinking the day will not be focused on you. It's so hard to actually think about other people when you want to make yourself happy, or be pleased. It's so hard to be selfless and I certainly love people who are. :]

Step 3] Read your Bible. 
Even if it's only for five minutes! I honestly believe if you only read your Bible for 5 minutes, you will be affected and you will learn something. I read my Bible for about 10 minutes [almost] every night and then pray. When I go to sleep, I fall asleep so much easier feeling God's warmth and protection.

Step 4] Evaluate your life.
Are you happy with your life? How your living for the Lord? Your friends? Your school? The things you watch, read, and listen to? If your not satisfied, DO something about it. I encourage you to pray or talk to mentors or parents about the situation and try to get some good advice. Obviously God will give you the best advice, so pray and read your Bible!
Step 5] Pray.
I've told my friends that honestly, praying is the best solution to things. Any things. It really makes me feel better. Even when I am upset, I pray pray pray. When I used to be upset I wouldn't pray because I was too angry to pray but I've realized it's truly the best way to perk up. :]

Me? I'm the girl who sings in the shower, obsesses over blogging, and takes pictures of everything. Jesus is my all in all and I love my family and friends like crazy. I don't like coffee but going to starbucks is something I love to do. I love late night laughs, and early morning sunrises. I like to bake, photograph, design, blog, and write. If you follow my blog, you'll be sure to learn tons more about me.


  1. Loved the post and pics! Thanks Kiley.

  2. Thanks for the great reminders, Kiley! Oh, and I already follow your lovely blog. :)

  3. Thank you, Miss Kiley! Very heart-provoking!