Aug 18, 2011


yes, I knew this day was coming. 

goodbye blogger, 
goodbye friends,
goodbye Lily,
goodbye house, 
goodbye town,
goodbye rolling hills of green,
goodbye heat,
goodbye to my normal life.  
I shall be leaving my garden for a week's time {thankfully, we can go worry-free with our wonderful friends keeping a watchful eye out for our home}. Do not worry, though. I have nine wonderful guest posters as well as two giveaways lined up for you this week. 

And then, I'll be back with photographs galore and inspiration {hopefully}.You can follow my San Diego adventures on facebook if you like. :) 
{disclaimer :: images found from pinterest}


  1. Have fun in San Diego! We visited there, once, and I enjoyed it.. though I was younger and don't remember much. :) I do remember walking along the beach and being thoroughly disgusted when some seaweed got all over my foot. :) lol!