Dec 1, 2010

The Simplicity of December

Dearest Readers,

A merry December to you all! December has definitely made its mark where I live, and the chill is settling nicely into our little town.
Ahh, Christmas presents again! I have been driving myself half made making my Christmas presents! Special thanks to those who linked up to my blog event. Such inspirational ideas, I heartily encourage you to check see their posts.
I had such a difficult time trying to find a small and inexpensive Christmas gift/ birthday gift for my little ten-year-old friend who comes to visit once in awhile from down the street. She and I have completely different taste, but one thing she does really like is American girl. I had planned to make Paper dolls cut from the A.G. catalog, but that came out a bit odd; therefore, I started searching the house, and keeping a look out for objects for younger girls. Here's what I found:
Fun bracelets (any girl likes jewelry!:)

I found the new historical doll, Rebecca stickers as Michaels for a very low price (She's "obsessed" with Rebecca, because she has asked for the doll for Christmas)

Stylish Sunglasses (every girl needs a few shades;)

And a festive Cold-Stone card (I really do not care for that brand of ice cream {too rich for me}, especially in the chilly winter:p)

A nice gift, that I shall be wrapping soon; and perfect for the younger girls. If you have a hard time thinking of what to girl a young neighbor or friend, simply look about the house for objects in good condition, and wrap them up in a pretty bow! Who knows? You might just come up with a very nice gift.

Now, onto my Simple Life post:
It has been terribly cold where we live (I have even had to pull up the quilts on my bed!), and frost has settled in every morn. Closest thing we shall be receiving substituted for snow for awhile. I have always dreamed of a White Christmas, but unfortunately, we rarely {if at all} receive snow in December.

Snow!!! Oh, wait...that's just frost!

....Playing with my new camera....
Oh, and my package from Marie Madeline Studios has arrived! YAY! Thank you so much, dear Long Ladies!!! I cannot wait to get started on my very first skirt project.
Dear Lily has made a little nest in my room. *Sigh* She is just SO cute!
There she is again!:)
Hopefully, I shall be posting the giveaway winners on the morrow's afternoon. You all have until noontime tomorrow to enter my giveaways!
Oh, and soon I hope to post videos from the aquarium!
Love always,


  1. Great pictures! I like the cat ones. ;)

    If you ever want me to make (or show you how to) make you blog 'bigger' so you can post huge pictures just let me know! :)

  2. GRACE!!! I want to make the Denim route 66 skirt soooo bad!!!!! Please do put pictures on after you have completed you skirt!!!


  3. Dearest Grace,
    What a delightful post, as always! It looks as though you are having a wonderful time with your new camera... Lovely photographs, indeed!
    As part of my Christmas gift this year, my mother let me choose some different Marie Madeline Studio patterns, and one of them was the Route 66 Skirt pattern! We will have matching skirts! I cannot wait to start sewing with my new patterns, but I have to wait until Christmas!

    Your Sister In Christ,