Dec 31, 2010

2010 Will Never Be Seen Again

Farewell, 2010! I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed with so many joys and memories with it as well. 

Let's look back, shall we? 
~The Highlights of 2010~

I started blogging in February of 2010.

I bought my first good camera. 

My fourteenth birthday.

Our family's 7th trip in a row to Yosemite National Park. 

The meeting of so many sweet and dear friends on this blog! {you are all such a blessing!!!}

At the ending of next year, hopefully we shall be adding to this list of blessings. This year and the past have been a bit overshadowed by the passing of my brother-in-law last year and of my grandfather. Mother says that 2011 is going to be a GOOD year and I absolutely believe that, because all the grieving will be gone, and hearts will be bound and healed.

As we anticipate the future of the New Year, what about 2010? What blessings have filled your year? 

 What a blessing it is that the Lord has given us a whole new year to start fresh and anew! New year to take photos, explore our world, bloom into the young ladies we are becoming, but most of all walking closer with our dear Heavenly Father. 

May the Lord Bless your New Year, dear Readers!!!!
Lots of Love,

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