Dec 4, 2010

An Old Fashion, Handmade Christmas~ Tutorials and Gift Ideas

Dearest Readers~

I am SO excited that this week's inspiration is Sewing and Fabrics because the world of sewing is endless, and even though it takes time to accomplish a projec
t; the results are priceless, and the essence that it was handmade...there's nothing like it!:)

Today, I have some GREAT links when it comes to sewing. Many of my friends are 'aspiring seamstresses,' so this Christmas I decided to put together a little, 'handmade' sewing kit. Here are some ideas that may inspire you to make your sewing kit:
I use this tutorial ALL the time, and love how simple (except for the ribbon), and how easy this little bag is to make. This is what you will first want to make, but instead of burlap and twine, I used muslin and ribbon. Embroider it on the front with the receiver's name (for an extra touch), sew pieces of fabric with gold trim around it, or sew buttons, Scripture or verses, and beads on the front. Here's the link:

Now to fill it:
~Needle Book~
Simply Vintage Girl has also put together this charming needle book, which I have been meaning to make, but cannot find the time, nor think this year will I be making them. Here's the link if you would like to try your hands at them:

Miss Jenny from Blessed Femina posted on Feelin' Feminine's latest issue this wondeful tutorial for these charming pincushions! Wouldn't your friend want to receive this?:) You can find this tutorial here:

Now for the extra little goodies:
Sewing pins (I purchased ones with {fake} diamonds on them, but these pearl ones are very pretty)
Lace is always a welcome sight for a seamstress!

Handmade Sachets
{tutorial coming soon}
Looks pretty and smells heavenly!
~Victorian Stickers~
The herb shop that I go to, I always buy a few of these beauties to keep on hand.
{Yum! Peppermint Bark, but do not forget to wrap it, in case it melts}

Other things you could give:


Embroidered Scissor Case

A Package of Needles

Fabric Flower Kit (post coming soon)

Covered Buttons {or Regular Buttons}

And more! Just be creative!

Twenty-one more days 'til Christmas!


  1. Wonderful ideas, dear! Thank you for sharing the tutorials! :)

    Many Blessings,

  2. Thanks for the tutorials, Grace! I only wished that I had time to try them all ---they are so pretty! Hope you're having a blessed day. :) Blessings!

  3. I LOVE all th ideas Grace!!! I did a sew kit one year too and they were so fun to make!
    I can hardly wait to see more tutorials!!!
    Love always,

  4. Such a cute idea!
    One of these kits would be really fun to make.

  5. Grace,
    Hello! I was wondering if you could post the link to the website were you buy your vintage stickers? I love stickers that are old fashioned and pritty but haven't been able to find a place that sells them. Thanks!