Dec 27, 2010

Christmastime, Oh What Fun!

Good evening readers! Come to visit my garden walk and observe the stars? *sigh* They do look brighter during the Christmastime season, do they not? Perhaps, they know that the Bright Star which led the Wise Men to Jesus appeared during this time of year so long ago...

I hope that you all had a wonderful time celebrating our dear Savior's birth. The New Year is approaching us soon with many changes on its wings. You can feel it, no? Have you started to think of your New Year's resolutions yet?

Well, I thought I would perhaps share a few pictures of our family's festivities. Here are a few of our ornaments:

Playing around with the burning effect on Picnic. Can you tell I am new to photography?

I love ornaments where you can see your reflection! *happy sigh*
~Popcorn Garland~
{Friend took this picture}
My dear Mama's frog grandmother who passed away when I was four absolutely loved frog trinkets, and collected a few little {tiny} statues. Reminds me of her when I glance at this green ornament!:)
{Love this picture!} A snowflake...
My Mama also collected penguins, which is her favourite animal, for a time. She keeps a big shelf full in our living area. Our tree is decked with them!:)
~Christmas Day~
I woke up at 8:20 {sleeping in:)} and prepared a big pot of tea before Mother woke up. Served in my Royal Albert Old-Country Roses china, a Christmas gift last year from my dear aunt.
{Tea Cosy from Rebekah @ ~By His Grace and For His Glory~ also Etsy shop Tea Cosy Treasures}

We started opening gifts at around 9:00...we usually do things casually around my house on Christmas morn. Instead of tearing the wrapping up first thing when we wake up, we try to make the unwrapping last {two hours is the longest!:)} We enjoyed a delightful spot of tea {mixture of orange, lemon, and apple cranberry herbal teas}, so lovely accompanied by Trader Joe's Lindonberry scones! Yummy!:)

Lily certainly enjoyed her gift. When it arrived weeks before, she could smell the catnip inside and attacked it; therefore, we had to put it away until Christmas.:D

I received some lovely gifts including this absolutely DARLING pincushion from both of my dear parents! Is it not sweet?

I also received:
Preparing to be a Help Meet
Scrapbooking Supplies (Scrapbook, cutouts, stickers, paper, more paper, and scrapbook pad from Daddy)
Michael's Giftcard
Fabric Scissors
Masterpiece Theater's Emma {2009 version with Romola Garai}
Two purses
Two makeup bags
Sweet-smelling Clementine Soap {locally handcrafted from our Farmer's Market Soap Lady} a scrubbie to go with it
And these beauties from the same Aunt who gave me my china:

{She gives me the best presents}:) She also gave me two tea cups that go with my tea pot.

And a lovely, original {antique} copy of Correct Social Usage, filled with Victorian etiquette for teas, and balls, and dances, etc.

What did you receive for Christmas? Do tell! Did you receive everything you wished for? What special things happened at your house?

As the New Year is approaching us, big changes are coming to my blog, as well as announcements, events, and giveaways! So stay tuned. I will be needing your help soon as well with my blog design!

May the Lord richly bless your evening! Now off, to read my book {The Goose Girl}.


  1. Hello dear Grace!! It sounds like you had a lovely time on Christmas morn! Yup, we keep it relaxed too! Actually, it is funny because mom and dad laugh that usually THEY have to wake US up! lol! I was the first one up this year, though.. surprise, surprise, especially after staying up really late the night before finishing up last minute wrapping and whatnot..

    So, I got:
    Two shirts-from my parents
    a necklace/earring set-from my brothers
    earrings-from my sister
    Make up brush kit- from my mom
    and our whole family received a Wii game that my grandma gave us.

    It was a very nice, relaxed, and very enjoyable day! We started out with breakfast, then opened stockings (each of us does "surprise" gifts for each other that we use as stocking stuffers.. we don't do Santa claus, and we keep these gifts inexpensive-as in we went to the dollar store this year!)
    Then we read the Christmas story, then opened presents one by one (taking about 2 hours to get all the presents opened! lol!)
    The day was closed by snuggling with little baby cousins who were visiting a relative who lives a few minutes from us. it was very nice.

    In Christ's Service,

    PS Changed my user name..

  2. It looks like you had a charming Christmas,dear friend!
    I received a lot of clothes(Yay! :D),a crafting book,a few scarves,a soap making kit,two pairs of ruffled gloves,2 beautiful jewelry boxes,a charming package from a dear friend with a few beautiful handmade items,a few lotions and bath things and a few pieces of jewelry,plus the charmingly, beautiful things from you! (I can't thing of anything else right now...)
    Well,New Years resolutions...
    1. Be a better blogger.
    2. Read my Bible and practice homemaking skills more.

    What about you,Grace?
    have a perfectly lovely day!!!
    Love always,

  3. It looks like you have received so many lovely gifts!!! :-)

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! I did not really wish for anything in particular, but I did receive some lovely gifts including the new dvd of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", a book about John and Abigail Adams, and luggage! I hope you have a blessed rest of the holiday season full of family and friends.
    ~Miss Mary

  5. Grace - I got the coolest thing ever! I HANDMADE, CEDAR, HOPE CHEST!!! EEEEEPPP! I have pictures on my blog!

  6. Look like you had a great Christmas, and those gifts were lovely!

    I didn't really get anything for Christmas, since we didn't have room to pack much. But we were going to the mall, then our driver was an hour late...haha, hopefully we'll get to go soon. The mall is an hour drive away though. Oh well, I do enjoy presents but it isn't the true meaning of Christmas. *winks*

  7. Grace,

    You got wonderful things. They are all so beautiful.

    I got a camera I have been saving up for. (3 to 4 months now) I was so excited.

    I don't have really any New Year's Resolutions yet.

    Oh, I posted some pictures on my blog from my new camera.

    Have a wonderful day,


  8. Dearest Grace,

    It looks as though you and your family had a delightful Christmas, and that you received many lovely gifts. I had a very blessed Christmas as well! I received many wonderful items from my dear parents and grandfather! I will most definitely share all about it in my next letter to you!

    Your Sister In Christ,