Dec 16, 2010

~Christmas Traditions and Decor. {And More Giveaways}~

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Good evening, dearest readers! I apologize for not posting as much as I would like! Christmas has kept me SO busy: I still have presents to wrap, gifts to be made, cookies to be baked, movies and activities to be done with friends, and Christmas is in about a WEEK!!!

Miss Sereina with her lovely photography blog, is hosting a photography event, this week's inspiration is holiday food.
My Mother's dear friend is a dear Italian woman, and she graciously invited me to have a baking day with her {since she knows how much I like to bake}. We baked a big batch of an Italian cookie called Biscotti meaning twice baked cookie. It kind of tastes like licorice with the Anise oil we put in the recipe.
With a tall glass of milk for dunking...yummy!!!

Sereina also wanted pictures of our home decorations and lights! Here are a few I took with my new camera!:)

Such a sweet bird surrounded by festive beads!

This is actually at a friend's home, but I thought it was neat looking...

Sorry, the picture is so dark. One of my Christmas traditions, is making a popcorn and cranberry wreath for the tree! What fun!:)
Our home's Christmas lights...
I love this picture of the tree! It took a few times to take it, because my "smart" :D camera kept wanting to focus it sharply!:)

Another tradition of our town is what's called, "The Victorian Home Showcase," known as Vine Street. Annually, our town hosts a very fun family event, where people can hear live music, and eat lots of goodies while enjoying the beautiful Victorian houses on Vine Street and the lights. It's like a huge block party only at night, and filled with Christmas, "magic." ;)
My friend, Margery from her ever so lovely blog, Maiden's Musings is hosting her very first giveaway. She is giving away this sweet little country pillow:
I absolutely adore her blog! She has done an excellent job creating her website! I am sure you will enjoy your visit there as well. So enter her giveaway HERE.

My dearest friend, Miriam, is hosting her 300th post giveaway as well. She is giving away a lovely apron made by Ashley from Bramblewood Fashion, three bars of heavenly smelling soap, and lip balm made by Miss Antoinette from Practical Simplicity!

So head on over to her lovely blog and enter her giveaway HERE

I am linking this post up {with pictures} to the following events:
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May you create so many lovely Christmas memories this year with family and friends!
Blessings to you all,

P.S. I just wanted to let you know that my grandfather has just recently passed away. Unfortunately, we have no idea if he had accepted Jesus to be his personal Savior and had rejected His salvation so many times that we had witnessed to him. During the later part of his life, he was doing very poorly and was very ill; therefore, we had anticipated that he would be passing away shortly and his death was a little easier to bare. Please keep my Mom and my Aunt {her sister} in prayer for comfort! Your prayers are so appreciated!


  1. I am hosting a giveaway over at my blog too dear friend! Please be sure to enter! :D

  2. Oh I'll surely be praying for your family, dear Grace! Thank you for sharing these lovely Christmas photos!

    In Christ,

  3. Mmmm, those biscottis look tasty! I love the Christmas light bokeh as well.

  4. Thanks for posting about my giveaway,Grace!!!
    Lovely pictures!!!!

  5. So sorry to hear about your grandfather!
    Prayers & Love to You & Yours,

  6. Grace-
    Praying for your Mom and aunt!
    Also, the popcorn and cranberry picture you took is my favorite, I think. The coloring is great. I know, you think it's dark, but I think that's the perfect lighting for it.

  7. Ooh, I do love biscotti! Yours looks really yummy=)
    Lovely bokeh as well. And the Victorian Home Showcase sounds like so much fun!

    Thanks for posting about the giveaway!

    Many blessings,
    {Margery} ;)

  8. I've been enjoying your old fashion Christmas event. You've given me some wonderful ideas. I hope you've been having a beautiful Christmas season.

    Nice post! Your tree looks beautiful! You took some lovely holiday photos!

    Blessings and a merry Christmas,


  9. I am soo sorry Grace. In our small town, we hold the record for tallest Christmas tree and once a year the 4-H lights it, we have a night when on Main street all the stores stay open and they all have goodies to pass out, and then before Christmas there is an event called The tractor parade - since we do live in dairy county *smile*