Dec 3, 2010

An Old Fashion, Handmade Christmas Week No. 2: Of Sewing and Fabric

Dearest Readers,

This week I am so excited to announce that this week's inspirations is....

Sewing and Fabric!!! I know, many of you have the cleverest sewing projects, and I am really excited to see what you have up your sleeve. My posts throughout this week will be filled with great links to great tutorials, not to mention my special project ideas.

Here are some great video tutorials I found this week:

A sweet needle book, that can be dressed up for a wonderful stocking stuffer or gift for your seamstress friend:

These are fun flowers, that would be lovely on a headband!

~Recycled fabric flower~

I LOVE these, and they would be perfect gift for Christmas!

This is a fun purse!

I LOVE Rick Rack, and this tutorial is so simple for an apron! Stress and Pattern free! I want to make this!!!:)

Rick Rack also has this pretty table Runner. Does not have to be for Springtime, and you could make it with lovely Christmas fabric instead.

Now, link up your tutorials, inspired by anything that has to do with fabric or sewing.

Again, here are the rules:

You may link up as many tutorials as you want.

Post them on your blog, link them up on THIS post until the end of this week.

The tutorials can be your original ideas, or you can have links to great tutorials or post video tutorials from Youtube as well!!!

Be sure to check out my current giveaway as well!

Happy Crafting!
Many Blessings,


  1. Oh, I'm not very good with a needle and thread... at all. Is it ok if I sit this one out?


  2. Or, I'll try to think something up... Or find a tutorial or something. But if I don't post anything, it's not cause I didn't want to do it. :)