Aug 16, 2010

Story Contest Officially Closed!

All right all right, people!!! Story contest is now offcially closed! I want to thank all who entered, and for taking the time to enter! You all did a great job, and each deserve a prize, but unfortunately, I have only three.
I think I will have to take some time, looking over the entries and deciding who the winner should be! Hopefully, I can announce it by later this evening, if not the latest should be to-morrow, or to-morrow evening, or the next day...hehe, just kidding!
For right now, you can visit the entries on the sidebar of my blog.
Again, thank you all for entering! I know some of you could not because you were too busy, therefore, I hope to have a giveway in the near future if money is not too tight. Would you like that?

1 comment:

  1. I would like a giveaway, if you would ship oversees! :D It's so weird to be looking at someones blog and they have a giveaway, then it can't be shipped to you! I feel like I'm in Candida or something!